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Head 😭😭😭

Does anyone with Graves suffer head symptoms? My head feels hot and tingly loads of pressure tightening on the left side, and pulsating in ears I'm so scared I think I have a brain tumour I can barely lift my head off the pillow, and my eyes are awful keep seeing things that ain't there and shapes and stuff when I look up! I'm not sure if my anxiety is really high and causing this 😭😭😭

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I didn't have that when I had Graves. Well I still have Graves but I'm in remission. My eyes felt awful because they were very dry. My vision was blurred and I had a sort of double vision but I didn't have your symptoms and I never 'saw things'.

What sort of things are you seeing and have you felt like this for long? It sounds like you should try and get to your doctor if not tomorrow then at some point this week. It might just be a migraine but I think you should speak to your doctor about it. Hopefully you will feel better soon.


I was only diagnosed Graves last week and still haven't seen endo for treatment, my eyes just feel terrible seeing black shadows and shapes, my ears are wooshing and pulsating tingling face it's awful it started 2 weeks ago when I had a panic attack and ended up in hospital and was then told it was my thyroids, so I'm now thinking it's anxiety related or a brain tumour lol xxx


I have Graves and I am due a brain scan today due to developing seizures. I had the same symptoms as you for a few weeks prior to my first seizure. Doctors are saying the seizures are not Graves related but I'm not convinced they are right. Not expecting the brain scan to show anything today. I think the seizures were brought on by high thyroxine levels and lack of sleep as I hardly slept for the week before the 1st one but Endo said it wasn't possible. So please see you Doctor as soon as possible my first seizure was very scary and now I'm not allowed to drive so you don't want to end up where I am now if it can be avoided. Good luck hope you feel better soon.


Aww bless u, please keep me updated on how your scan goes, I'm booked in for my ct scan Wednesday! I can't help but think something will show it struggling with this head feeling heaviness floating rahhh it's awful xx


Good luck to both of you. You are both having a horrible time. Hopefully if your scans find anything it will be something that is simple and easily fixed. Until the scan days both of you try to relax and take things easy and be sure to let everyone know how things go.

Don't forget to keep notes on your bloods and results of anything else you have done. I used a cheap page a day diary and kept a daily note of how I was feeling. That was good so that I knew exactly how I felt while I was being treated and could link it to my treatment. It also meant that I didn't go in and say I was fine when doctors asked how I was and I wasn't really fine. I also jotted down any questions I wanted to ask or anything that was bothering me.

I just used bullet points and kept it brief. I also kept any research, in my case evidence of patients who had been take block and replace for long periods at a time. I was always being offered RAI should I relapse and I didn't want that so I printed off everything I could find about long term use of block and replace.

Anyway, good luck to you both.

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