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Sore head

Hi does anyone get sore patches on there head

The patches are tender to touch abot the size of a 10p

I have graves and at present I'm being treated with carbimazole

I'm a little over medicated so a bit under at the moment

Have a few other underactive symptoms stiff joints ect but nothing I can't put up with but this sore head is driving me mad

It's a bit like your wearing one of those Alice bands with teeth in and it's to tight

Thanks any advice welcome

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Oh also forgot in case it's prudent although graves is active I have hashi antibodies as well


I get sore spots on my head quite a lot and always thought it was due to my aneurysm so maybe you've solved it for me :-) x


Hey! I' ve noticed this as well; just been diagnosed with Grave's and on Carbimazole as well. Do you think it is the tablets?



I don't think so as I had it before being diagnosed I was wondering if it was thyroid related as I'm now begining to. Feel better im noticing smaller things that still are not right I had lots of under active symptons as well in the begining pain in feet hands and strangely a adversity to noise like people washing up and door latches this went away at begining of treatment and have resurfaced I know I should be grateful that I can now stand up sleeping better and do not feel like my body is revving all the time but it is so distracting


I get patches that feel like bruises, but I thought they were adrenal-related. Not hyper or on carbi.


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