Head Rushes 😢

I see my endo on Friday and I know she's going to up my dose to 150mg of Levo.

For the last couple of days I've been having like head rushes. Is this connected? I have a constant mega headache as well.

I'm soooo tired. I'm sooo angry. I'm being mean and I can't help it. I literally can't be bothered to do anything. I'm just a big fatigued miserable old bat right now! Roll on Friday before my family give up on me!

I'm getting my bloods done in the morning and will post results 2moro night.

The head rushes are worrying me a bit....


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  • Maraphipps,

    Head rushes can be due to hypothyroidism healthliving.today/physical...

  • So it's all just part of this splendid journey?

  • Maraphipps,

    Could be if you are under medicated which I imagine you must be if your endo is raising dose.

  • I'm most definitely under medicated. Thank Clutter x

  • A low B12 gave me shocking headaches and head rushes. Do you know your B12 levels? Not unheard of to have B12 and thyroid problems together.

  • My last Vit B12 was done 16th September.

    It was 371 in a range of 100 to 900.

    Could it drop more since September?

  • Yes! A GP would pass that off as a good level of B12. It isn't.

    You need to be 500 to stop any neurological damage and over 700 is you're hypo/Hashi's. I feel "normal" with a range of around 12-1400.

    There's so much more to it though. You need good folate, iron, Vit D, T3.

    But I would consider getting your B12 up either via sub-lingual lozenges or injecting.

  • I'm on 80mg if iron a day. I see my endo on Friday.

    Do I ask her for D12?

  • No. It's b12, D3, iron and folate.

    You could ask for them to be tested again.

  • Sorry that was a typo!

    I meant B12.

    My iron and folate were done in September and November.

    Ferritine. 56 in a range of 20-204. November.

    And Fer was done in September and that's 24 in a range of 20-204

  • Sorry. I'm being stupid.

    Fer was done in September and it was 6.8 in a range of 7.2-25.9

  • It's all really low isn't it 😢

  • Yeah...

    And find out what your thyroid levels are too.

    I think you need a good overhaul and some supplements. Don't worry it's all fixable! x

  • My levels in November were:

    TSH 2.179 (0.400-3.100)

    T3 3.2 (2.6-5.7)

    T4 13.8 (9.0-19.0)

  • Probably gone down a bit more since November too. On the bright side, come Friday hopefully you'll have an increase in levo (there's loads of wriggle room for T3 too) and hopefully some blood tests to get done.

  • Yes I get my bloods done tomorrow morning so will post the results tomorrow evening. Thanx for your positivity 😃

  • I'm going to add B12 and iron to my bloods tomorrow myself.

    If I buy B12 on Amazon what dose do I get?

  • I get Jarrow's Methylcocabalamin 5000mcg lozenges for my husband. I take the odd one but I respond better to injections every other week, also I was started on injections 11 years ago so it make sense to me to continue with them.

  • I just got these..........

    FER - 6.1 (7.2 - 25.9) - this result is is bold.

    Vit B12 - 385 (100 - 900)

    Ferritine - 63 (20 - 204)

    T3 Libre (Ft3) 3.7 (2.6 - 5.7)

    T4 libre (FT4) 14.1 (9.0 - 19.0)

    TSH 0.22 (0.400 - 3.100) This result is in bold.

  • Sorry to be thick, but what do you call a 'head rush'? Never heard of that before.

  • For me it was attacks of dizziness and vertigo. Disconcerting when you're driving :-o

  • Oh. That's not the reply I was expecting! lol Dizziness is dizziness. Head rushes sounds like something more spectacular. :(

  • Oooh, what's that film from the 1980s?


    ;0) x

  • I have no idea. Only ever saw kids films throughout the 80s. Is it a kids film?

  • Nooooo! :0)

  • No. I googled it. Saw an extract where a man's head explodes! That's a little more extreme than I had in mind! lol

  • Genuinely lol'ing here! x

  • Like a rush of blood to your head, like dizzy 😊

  • ok, must say I'm disappointed, though. lol

  • Haha!! Sorry for that!

    They are not very nice to be fair. A bit disconcerting!

  • No, I know, I get a lot of dizziness, myself. Sometimes for no reason. They're better now I'm taking a decent dose of thyroid hormone replacement, and B12, but I still get them from time to time.

    Got absolutely no help from the medical profession, they just hadn't a clue! They gave me tablets marked 'for dizzy spells of unknown origin - warning, may cause dizzy spells'! But nobody ever tried to find the origin. And I did the rounds of the specialists, consulting every one I could think of. No joy whatsoever!

  • Should I just take B12 myself?

  • No, you should get your B12 tested, along with your vit D, folate and ferritin. It's very important, for several reasons, to get tested before taking anything.

  • Got it all done this morning get results later 😬

  • Thanks for asking that I also didn't know that.We learn more every day doe we greygoose lol.

  • We sure do! lol :)

  • Lots of good advice. Have you had a test to check for anitbodies?

  • As in for hashimotos? I was diagnosed about 6 months ago

  • I got antibodies about 5 years after hypo diagnosis. I went right off and only improved when B12, Vit D etc were at high levels. I occasionally get "dizzy does" not a room spinning round but a sensation of walking on a mattress. Your mental condition is deffo affected by hypo and Ab's, can be very up and down. I found going gluten free helped a lot and also went lacto free which also helped. Hope things improve for you. Don't accept a "normal diagnosis from the doc. get your actual test results!

  • Yes it sounds like you do 😢

  • Hypo and Hashi's is never good news it impacts more than you think. Also there are knock on affects with adrenals especially if you have a stressful job/lifestyle. You may want to read up on Adrenals- James L Wilson- Adrenal Fatigue, 21st century syndrome.

    Pleased to hear that you are already feeling better with gluten free diet. My TPO's reduced massively in 6 months. Unfortunately most GP's /endos say there is no treatment for Hashi's!! I found it is very important that they do not go by TSH reading alone. Mine has to be well below one and stlll my T4 and T3 are low in range so I am trying to decide what to do next, probably add in some T3 to my levo dose. Thank heavens for private blood tests, I can monitor my condition myself and take control.

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