Travel costs to and from hospital - Refunded!

Just in case anyone wasn't aware but if you have an NHS Exemption certificate which you can have with Thyroid disease you can claim back reasonable travel costs to and from hospital.

My car has broken down and I'm at hospital for appointments every 2 weeks. So I will need to get a taxi which will cost me £12 each way. I checked and if I keep a receipt and go to the hospitals General Office or Patient Affairs Office you can claim a refund.

I know many of us are sick and maybe even on a low income or benefits so thought I'd share this info :)

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Is there a weblink to any information on this or is each region different?

Yes it's on the NHS website under Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme and who is eligible and how to claim your costs back.

Great, thankyou for sharing.

The way I read that is if you have "an NHS tax credit exemption certificate (if you don't have a certificate, you can show your award notice) – you qualify if you get child tax credits, working tax credits with a disability element (or both), and have income for tax credit purposes of £15,276 or less"

I don't think it applies to the exemption certificate where you don't pay for your prescriptions.

My son used to get both child tax credit and working tax credit and he qualified for help with travel costs.

That's why I stated that I shared this as many are on a low income or benefits as were sick and the exemption certificate is evidence we can supply as we get this when we have thyroid disease. I didn't mean everyone could definitely claim only that it was worth looking into

Your original post reads like you meant the prescription exemption certificate that all of us Hypos are entitled to if living in England

NHS Exemption certificate which you can have with Thyroid disease

At least it's clear now that it's not the prescription exemption certificate but the one appertaining to low income and benefits or child/working tax credits.

Thanks to all for the clarification.

Thanks for sharing and you are right. Many hypo aren't able to work and have to live on limited income.

Is there any help or benefit for hypo's - even temporary? I am struggling terribly at the moment. Normally I am able to work about 20 hours a week.

julie1111, put up a new post asking this question as it might be lost as it was put up three hours ago.

Hi Julie I've not worked since April and now I have PIP im getting quite a lot of help with housing benefit council tax and I've applied for a carers allowance for my daughter and I'm just applying for ESA which seems to be the most difficult to apply for yet! They're are websites for one that can help you see what you can claim but obviously it would depend on each individuals circumstances but there is help out there x

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