Can I request my blood results from the hospital?

I rang my doctors today to see if by the off chance they had my blood test results requested by the endo, they said, the test results are there but the doctor hasn't got the results, and to ring the hospital for the results, so I did but the lady said, I have to wait three weeks when the results will be available to my gp, then he can tell me my results. Do I have to wait three weeks or can I request the results through tte hospital?

Many thanks

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  • Nikki, I'm a bit confused as to whether your GP has the results or is waiting for the hospital to send them? Results are usually reviewed by a GP within 48 hours of receipt. They should be available to you then.

  • The surgery said, the results are still with the hospital... The hospital said, the results won't be available to my gp for another 3 weeks.

  • Nikki, endo probably needs to review them before they're sent to GP. Seems rather a long time. Perhaps PALS can speed things up.

  • Sorry I don't know what PALS mean?

  • Nikki, Patient Advisory Liaison Service at the hospital.

  • Thank you, I will look

    In to it.. Like you said three weeks seems a long time.

  • Most gps can access hospital results directly on their computer system

  • I shall make a appt and see if he can.

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