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My Liothyronine (T3) tablets prescription potentially being stoppes due to NHS funding costs

I live in South East England.....I have been on Liothyronine (T3) 20mcgs daily tablets for a few months now and have my life back. I saw my Endocrinologist yesterday and was told that the hospital can no longer prescribe Liothyronine due to funding cuts but if my GP is happy to do it that's ok. My GP confirmed they can, but Im worried for how long before they have the same problem. I can't afford to go private so any suggestions so I'm prepared with an alternative if the worst happens? Thank you.

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Ask someone - in another post - to send you a PM of reliable on-line places to buy T3 .....


Thanks Marz

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Hi - can I ask where about are you? I too am South East - Essex actually, and saw Endo on Tuesday who told me its being stopped soon. I've not spoken to GP yet, although to be honest she's oblivious to what she is giving people. She just signs and gives it out, no questions asked.


I'm in East Sussex


Im not in your area but my GP has prescribed T3 and they are aware they are not supposed to according to the clinical commissioning group but she does it because she says she would rather i got it from the NHS rather than me self medicating; however, for the moment i am lucky but i am all to well aware that this could stop at any time, and when it does i shall be ordering myself from the internet!


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