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Need help understanding mums test results

Need help understanding mums test results

My 74 yr old mum has been diabetic X 20 yrs. she takes insulin 2x day but her sugars are not well controlled. Attached are her recent thyroid results (March'17) as I booked her in to see nutritionist. [Back in Oct '16, her TSH was 3.3, freeT4 was 12(10-22). ]

3 out of the 4 cortisol readings were high. DHEA was low normal. Candida was sky high, gut biome was in poor health so we have been working on those 2 areas first. Her B12 last year was 243ng/l (190-660) and GP refused to believe she could be deficient, so we have gone route of self medicating with sublinguals which have helped a bit. I have also put her on low carb diet ( to the diabetic nurses horror) which she likes, mostly sticks too and has lost some weight. She is still over weight though.

But I see she has lots of hypothyroid symptoms too, probably ticks around ⅓ of the list on Thyroid uk website.

Please advise me on what I should be asking for when we next see nutritionist in a few weeks. I am trying to get my head around thyroid issues but still not sure exactly what all the different results mean. I Have read dr B Durrant Peatfield book which makes me think more can still be done, so staying hopeful. Thanks.

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I'm sorry you haven't yet had a response to your question.

I think your Mother's FT4 is too low and below range so I doubt it can convert to sufficient T3. T3 is the only active hormone required in all of our Receptor cells and the brain and heart need the most.

This is from TUK:

I think taking levothyroxine could help raise her FT4 and FT3 being mindful I am ot medically qualified but had undiagnosed hypo for a long time as no-one took a blood test.

Your Mum hasn't hashimoto's - the commonest form of hypo as she has no antibodies.

Did she have the blood test as early as possible, fasting? - she can drink water. If you was taking thyroid hormones a gap of 24 hours between the last dose and the test should be allowed.


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