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I have a multi modular goiter which means I need my thyroid removed that was recommendation to me by the surgeon I saw. I live in London and I've been told it could take up to a year which seems a very long wait especially as I'm anxious at the size of the goiter and it presses on my windpipe. What length of times have people waited for operations? Is this normal?! I can't afford private he told me going private could be done within a few weeks this seems a huge difference in time. thanks.

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  • I have a similar issue though my cervical lymph node is also affected. I was going with NHS who seemed to think about a month for surgery. But I have a brilliant rich friend who is paying for me to go private. Going to see consultant on Friday. They have estimated 4.5k for the op and aftercare, not as much as we thought it would be. I'm in North Yorkshire. Have you had ultrasound and biopsies done? X

  • Snoopy23,

    My nodule appeared in June 2011, I saw surgeon in July 2011 and after inconclusive FNA and biopsy had hemilobectomy in Dec 2011. If there is any suspicion of thyroid cancer surgery is usually scheduled within weeks. If not, it will depend on the length of the waiting list your thyroid surgeon has.

  • Hi thanks Clutter, it seems like a long wait up to a year am hoping it will be much sooner. I need to ask my doctor to refer my for a second opinion. Also I've been researching and there is data on the British association of endocrine and thyroid surgeons which shows number of operations performed each year by surgeons in the UK. I cannot see my surgeon in the list which also concerns me.

  • Snoopy23,

    You could contact the surgeon's office and ask how many thyroidectomies he performs each year. Outcomes are likely to be much better when an experienced surgeon is used.

  • Yes that was my thinking better to go with someone who performs a lot of these.

  • I had exactly the same problem as you, a large multi nodular goitre, I had my thyroid removed in February this year, I was waiting 4 months for my operation but I think it varies from hospital to hospital.

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