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Researchers find diabetes and goiter link for the first time

A hypothyroid person I once knew by his postings would often say how close diabetes and hypothyroidism were. Being new to the world of thyroid at the time, I didn't grasp what he was saying very well, but his comments keep coming back to me.

The article emphasises this is the first study to show a link. And even then, it was not the researchers' aim. Were I not so used to this sort of thing, I'd be expressing amazement that could be the case. It is surely obvious that a connection is likely. Indeed, is there even the possibility of two endocrine conditions which are absolutely NOT related?

Researchers find diabetes and goiter link for the first time

Stef dela Cruz

Dec 31, 2014

At first glance, it wouldn't make sense for goiter, an enlarged thyroid gland, to show any association with diabetes. However, a world-first study revealed that diabetes and goiter are indeed related.

For the first time, a link between type 2 diabetes and an enlarged thyroid gland was found, thanks to research done by endocrinology experts Juan Diez and Pedro Iglesias in Madrid. Their study, published this year in the medical journal Clinical Endocrinology, involved almost 1,500 participants.

More at this link:

Abstract of paper here:


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Rod, it would seem incredible to me if there was no link between endocrinological disorders. There's been anecdotal reporting about links between hypothyroidism and type 2 diabetes for years. What surprises me is that this is the first study into the connection.


But Clutter, this is 'euthyroid' with goitre. Struggling thyroid for sure. Would be nice to be able to read the whole paper. Let me find out if I can get it.


They are both hormonal conditions and so related in this way.



If nothing else, low thyroid levels lead to weight gain, and excess weight correlates with typec2 diabetes risk, so the link is obvious. But until we understand the mechanisms the information is a bit meaningless.

The study looked at diabetics and their thyroid risks. What about patients with thyroid problems, with or without goitre, and their diabetes risks?

And then we come back to the biggie - is our thyroid epidemic due to the consumption of sugar and refined foods, as well as our epidemic of type 2 diabetes?


i know someone who has type 2 diabetes and goitre and is 6 stone,so thin she has difficulty finding suitable chlothes.


Rod, I sent the complete article URL to Clutter because I cannot generate new PMs. Another 'glitch' on this website.


Thanks - I got it! :-)


Thanks for your post.

I always suspected a link and when I was diagnosed at T2 diabetic in 2008 I couldn't believe it because I didn't fit the typical T2 diabetic person as I was not very overweight, I ate a very health diet and exercised alot. I kept saying to my doctor that it must be something else because there was nothing more I could do to improve my diabetes other than take meds. He refused to listen to my concerns about my metabolism and then I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in February 2013. This I think is the reason I developed diabetes, I had an undiagnosed under active thyroid and a calcified nodule (probably a bleeding goitre) that was cancerous. My surgeon said that I'd had the cancer for many years and this coincided with when I was diagnosed as a diabetic. I'm so glad you found the research because it will be more ammunition for my fight for better medical care.

Thank you,

TT xx

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I was told by my Orthoptist that my son's Type II Diabetes was caused by the Hydrocortisone he was on.


Found this article on research on why hypothyroidism and diabetes are related. Seems to be bith T1 and T2 diabetes

The interesting paragraphs read:

Effect of diabetes on thyroid disease

.... if diabetes isn’t controlled, high blood sugar can negatively impact the thyroid health by destroying the thyroid gland, especially in individuals with an autoimmune thyroid disease.

But when blood sugar is low, cortisol – the stress hormone – is released, creating a hormone imbalance as well as prompting the liver to pump out more insulin. Once again, this leads to further damage to the thyroid gland.

Thyroid disease and diabetes share many common symptoms including fatigue, weight loss or weight gain, and trouble sleeping. These symptoms may become worse if the thyroid disease or diabetes is not managed properly.

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