Switching from Morning to Night Advice

I'm going to switch from taking my 88mcg Synthroid in the morning (hour before breakfast) to night. Just a few questions.

How should I make the switch, take my morning dose and then again that night, or skip my morning dose the day of the switch?

Should I take it 2-3 hours after my last meal and stay up to let it absorb quicker and continue absorption when I go to sleep, or simply take it right before bed?

And lastly, though my labs are 6 weeks away, to get the most accurate results for dosing, will taking it around 12 hours before the labs be good enough, or should I rather skip a day so it'd be around 1.5 days or 36ish hours since last dose? With morning doses I'd usually have a gap of 24 hours.


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Miss a.m. dose and take it at night and you last have eaten about 2.5 to 3 hours previoiusly.

If having a morning test, miss night dose and take next a.m. and night dose as usual the same day.

Some may take one weekly dose!


Would it make a difference if I sleep right after the dose or stay up longer? And just so I understand you correctly, do you mean to say take the test after missing night dose or take a dose after the test in morning then again at night.

No, I think going to sleep right after is fine. I also knew of a person who took his 150mcg of T3, in the middle of the night so that nothing interfered with it.

Miss your night dose. Take it after blood test and night dose as usual then continue night time dosing.

I take mine at night...immediately before going to bed. It's so much easier. None of this waiting for your first cup of tea/coffee in the morning. Also, as you have to not eat a couple of hours either way, it stops evening snacking!!

i used to take levo+t3 at night (dose spread) and found out i get better sleep but also heard others complaining about sleep disturbing. but for me it worked like a charm...:) two hours after any meal/snack, three or more after a heavy one.

I switched a few years ago and if I remember rightly I missed my morning one and took the next dose just as I turned out my light. I usually have my last night drink about 9pm and try not to even drink water with taking the dose. If I get really thirsty I do try to just have a sip before the pills (although sometimes when I lie down I can feel the pills still in my throat - they are tiny and so have to take a tiny sip then).

This was one of the best decisions I've made concerning Hypothyroidism. It takes two three days but after that I'd wake up in the morning far more 'with it' physically and mentally.

Give it a few days - all the best. 😊

I'm feeling hopeful, thanks everyone.

Do you find that this results in feeling hypo in the evening as the day winds down? Or because of the half-life, you are good all around, day and night.

Sorry to jump in your thread Andy but it's on topic. If I were to switch to night dose would I have to avoid alcohol as well as snacking please anyone? I like a glass of wine or rum and cola at night a few days a week. Thanks.

Perhaps someone else can answer this better but I'd assume that since 3-4 hours after dinner is recommended for dosage, a couple or so hours after your last snack or drink (not including water) would suffice.

Just an update. In the past 3 days I took Synthroid at night (either before bed or an hour before bed, but 3-4 hours after dinner and 2 hours after anti-histamine). I made the switch by taking it in the morning then again at night, I didn't want to wait longer and rather slight hyper than hypo.

How long until I feel the benefits if this change works for my body? I may've felt bit more hypo so far, though I could be wrong. I should add, I take Adderall in the morning so before, I'd take it ~15 mins after Synthroid.



I am interested in why you leave a gap between your antihistamine and thyroid meds as I take mine at the same time as my Eltroxin first thing in the morning. In case it makes a difference, the antihistamine is Loratadine. I take my Vit D last thing at night. TIA.

I made a thread asking if I can take the two together at night and was recommended to take them 2 hours apart. But you should be fine, I just want to transition from morning to night dose without risks before taking them together.

An update. After taking my Synthroid at night for a week and a half now, while it hasn't interfered with my sleep and I don't mind being able to have breakfast a bit sooner after waking up, I think I absorb it better in the morning.

Either because my metabolism gets going in the morning (my bowels definitely get moving then) or because Adderall in the morning increases metabolism and hence that of Synthroid. But I've noticed that my digestion and gas has worsened in the past week. As much as I'd love to tough it out for 4 more weeks to do labs I need to switch back now as I'm in school and this isn't the best time to complete an experiment. I was hoping that increased absorption at night could increase T4 to T3 hormones and conversion.

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