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Can someone advise on blood test results

Hi, I have posted before about a year ago, wondering if I possibly had a thyroid problem due to the symptoms I have been experiencing. I have just had the results of my most recent blood test and was told that it was normal, no further action required. I thought I would run it by peeps on here as it seems to me that my free t4 is at the lower end of normal...can anyone advise? Here are the results

Thyroid tsh 2.21 (range 0.35-5.5)

Free t4 7.1 (range 7-17)

Ferritin 33

I think I have many of the classic symptoms of hypothyroidism, except for feeling the cold...Im nearly always too hot! Any advice would be appreciated

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Your TSH is within range and GP wouldn't diagnose you as hypo due to the guidelines which state that it has to reach 10 before being diagnosed, although some doctors will if is just of of range - 5.5. on your range

However your FT4 is bottom of the range so you will also have a low FT3 as T4 converts to T3 and would be symptomatic. This is from Thyroiuduk.org.uk.




You would expect a much higher TSH with FT4 so low. you could try asking for an endo referral for suspected secondary hypthyroidism - low/normal TSH with low FT4 - a pituitary problem which GPs aren't trained to recognize or treat.


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