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Healthy chocolate cake

Healthy chocolate cake

Made this yummy super healthy chocolate cake yesterday.

200 G ground almonds

50 G organic coca powder

3 ripe bananas

Teaspoon baking powder

2 organic eggs

1/3 cup melted organic unsalted butter

1/2 cup raw honey

Tablespoon Greek probiotic natural yoghurt

Beat in a mixing bowl until smooth.

Bake at 180 degrees in oven for 30- 40 mins.

Maybe came out lovely and moist and very chocolaty . Yum!

Full of B vitamins and other good nutrients for the thyroid. I could get my iron levels up in no time if I could eat this every day!

I'm underweight so I can indulge but maybe a few slices a week might be an option for the more weight conscious amongst us. Oh, sorry if you're diary free!!

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I think it needs a taste test. I'm willing. Please post a slice (very large) to Mrs Greedy, 123 This Road, Anywhere, AB1 2CD


Looks scrumptious :)


If only I didn't hate chocolate cake, maybe I'll eat the ingredients separately. ;)

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I think you might like this one Ellie-Louise. It's not as rich or sickly as proper chocolate cake. All the ingredients are good. I have another recipe for healthy fruit cakes which I'll post as soon as I've tried it out.


I got really excited when I saw this, got all the way down to Yoghurt and that was it - my bubble burst. Looks really yummy though xx

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