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Not sure if I should take Thyro Gold

I've been advised by my naturopath to start supplementing with Thyro Gold (2 x 150mgs) now that Nutri Thyroid (which I was taking for a short while) is unavailable.

However, I'm clinically euthyroid (and always have been as far as the medical profession is concerned as TFTs have always been in range) and have a diagnosis of CFS/ME.

So, given that Thyroid Gold contains T3 and T4 (as I understand) and is [quote from naturopath] 'stronger than Nutri Thyroid', I'm wondering if I'm ok to take them and especially at the dosage advocated?

I'm hesitant because I'm concerned about side effects. I realise that this seems as though I'm questioning the wisdom of the practitioner (whom I've been seeing since December and who has already identified the source of some of the problems).

Here are the latest TFT results:

Genova END08 urine test July 2017:

T4 1.21 (1.03-8.24)

T3 1.38 (0.61-3.38)

T3:T4 ratio (to determine T4 conversion) 1.14

[NB I recently posted about these results as there is some confusion about which ratio should be used to determine T4 conversion - see

NHS Dec 2016:

TSH 3.12 (0.27-4.2)

Blue Horizon March 2016:

TSH 2.38 (0.27-4.20)

Free T4 15.59 (12-22)

T4 total 92.7 (64.5-142)

Free T3 4.17 (3.1-6.8)

I suspect that I need to have another full thyroid panel to see the latest results, but it's so expensive (I'm already taking supplements that are costing over £1,500 a year!).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Ann, I wouldn't worry about the ratio, you have the figures from the urine test so you can see how much T4 and T3 is being used. If those were my results and I was in your position, based on your urine test, and to some extent on your blood test and the rising TSH, I would go along with your practioner's suggestion of trying Thyro Gold but maybe start low and build up. If you encounter any side effects then just stop. If you got on OK with Nutri Thyroid then it's worth giving Thyro Gold a try.


Thank you for your wisdom. I'll proceed with a lower dose as you suggest and see how it goes.


This was posted earlier today which may be helpful:-


This is very encouraging. I don't have the same degree of debility and can do much more than when first diagnosed but still struggle with stamina and rapid run down of energy. Recent tests have shown that I have a defective mitochondrial system so the glucose isn't sufficiently converting to energy in the cells.


My energy lasts all day and have relief of all symptoms. That was definitely not the case when I was first diagnosed and prescribed levothyroxine.


Wow! If only... (NB Ann_g_k and Amanda I are one and the same person in case you were wondering. Long story..... Really strange to have a message in your inbox to say you had replied to yourself!)


Is there any reason why you don't just delete one of the accounts? It can get confusing, people replying don't know that two different user names in the same thread are the same person and could even suggest starting your own thread rather than jump on the back of someone else's!

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One is associated with my PC and the other with my tablet computer so I'm not sure how I would delete one as the passwords are different for each one and I can't remember them! Not very IT savvy....


Just login using the same details on both devices.

If it automatically logs you in, choose to logout then login again using the other details.

I use the same details on two tablets, two phones, two computers, ...

If you don't know your password, well, many web browsers allow you to see stored passwords.


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