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No Longer Bedridden

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Hello Everyone,

After two weeks of taking ThyroGold, I'm now up and about again. I am in disbelief to be quite honest. It arrived after 5 days of ordering it online, and I started taking it on the 6th of August. I felt the difference two days later, but not to this extent. It must have been the T3 working. I started with 150mg, and bought the mixed pack of 150mg and 300mg of Bovine NDT, and now I am on 300mg and will stay at this dose for at least 6 months because I only started on the 150mg to check how it treats me.

However, it is still early days and I am still symptomatic. I am still dizzy and drunk but not as much, I must say. My weight is the same but I do not expect changes in a matter of weeks. I still have some muscle pain, some restless legs, and hair is still coarse, period is still heavy, among other things.

What has also subsided and is much better is my heart rate and palpitations. Since taking ThyroGold and giving Levo a break, my palpitations are better. I am less anxious, thank goodness! I also sleep better but I am not healed of insomnia yet. Basically, I see a positive improvement to my life.

Tomorrow I am going to a barbecue/braai/grill to hang out with people. I hope I can survive, but my energy levels tell me that I will. I have even managed to do my assignments because I can think straight now more than before. Thank you shaws for guiding me with this particular brand. It is awesome. I will update everyone in 4 weeks.

I might tweak my dose, or add T3 to it, depending on my blood tests in October when I visit England through medichecks because apparently, the labs in the whole of Switzerland, don't do rT3.

Anyway, I hope you guys have a lovely weekend.

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Inana well done and thanks for posting. Good news is very welcome. My reaction to getting what my body needed was equally dramatic and continues so please keep us posted. Hurrah!

Labs in Italy don't do RT3 either 🙄

Some of your symptoms may be due to low iron, have you had it tested?

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Inana in reply to Silver_Fairy

I find this rT3 thing very odd.

Yes,I have been tested. My iron is doing much better after being advised here on how to increase it, taking my Ferritin from 12.2 to 52.8 in 3 months. After reaching 52.8 I started taking the iron less, same dose but every other day instead.

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I am very happy for you, in that I know exactly how it feels when life seems to have come back into your body.

Dr Lowe, who invented thyro gold only took a blood test for the initial diagnosis, thereafter it was only about how the patient 'felt' and changes in dose was made by tiny increases if there was remaining symptoms. I shall give you a couple of links:-

He stated that blood tests only tell you where you are at that time while the aim is to eradicate all clinical symptoms and that by blood tests. Make sure all minerals/vitamins are at optimum too.

This will help you.

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Inana in reply to shaws

Thank you. I was already keeping a spreadsheet and journal because I'm finicky about such things. Lol. It's good to know that I wasn't taking things very far. It's also good to know that I can just stay away from doctors and tests unless I feel worse. ❤️❤️❤️

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