And Finally, A Result

Results from recent BH tests. GP last week refused to do another thyroid test after I came down with fatigue for 3rd time in a year, so I got some done myself

FT3 7.0(3.1-6.8)

FT4 15.12(12-22)

TSH 1.87(.027-4.2)

October 16 results were as follows, FT3/5.8, FT4 13.88, TSH 1.99, same ranges, thoughts please.

Recent symptoms, hypo symptoms abating to be replaced by elevated heart rate(20% above it's normal), increased appetite(no weight loss yet, but no weight gain) and back to being awake all night and sleeping thru the day. Also, as if by magic, in the past week my sex drive has suddenly returned after having vacated the premises some 4 yrs ago after the hypo symptoms appeared.

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  • Mr-Sensible69,

    Looks like you are taking T4+T3 or NDT? How long did you leave between last dose and blood draw?

  • I'm not on anything! I'm fighting with them over diagnosis and have been for yrs. Toft said I was Euthyroid in Feb last year. A locum GP this week was questioning why Dr Toft said euthyroid when my presentation was clearly of a thyroiditis. I didn't let on to locum that it started after they overdosed me on a drug that is known to cause thyroid trouble 9 yrs ago. Any GP that doesn't know the background says 'thyroiditis' and any that does know the background denies there being anything up with my thyroid. Definitely not autoimmune as I got BH to test for that. I suspect its silent/painless thyroiditis which can be triggered by certain drugs and is closely related to the rheumatoid disorders which run in my family. Silent thyroiditis appears to be hashimoto's annoying little brother or at least that's my take on it given what I've been able to find out.

  • What did the locum do when he thought you had thyrouditis?

    One blood test for antibodies isn't enough I understand as they can fluctuate.

  • He's going to discuss it with the other in the practice

  • Mr-Sensible69,

    FT3 is slightly elevated but TSH is euthyroid which is why I supposed you were taking thyroid replacement.

    You can have Hashimoto's without elevated antibodies but would need an ultrasound scan to confirm that there is damage consistent with Hashimoto's.

    Silent thyroiditis is supposedly self limiting but hypothyroidism can occur after a hyperthyroid period.

  • Clutter, I've not been taking thyroid replacement

  • Mr-Sensible69,

    I know, you said.

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