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Joined yesterday,suggested one 'introduces' goes...been hypothyroid around 13 years I knew I was unwell had a lot of the symptoms including low temp first thing in morning. GP's discounted saying levels normal inspite of my feeling so unwell ;after about a year I got so poorly eg breathless even just placing hoover cord back in place I had to 'face' going gp once again, after doing blood tests including thyroid levels I was finally diagnosed with ....youve guessed it ...hypothyroid. Not long after i was misdiagnosed as having GERD though in severe pain...again this went on some time, the pain used to awaken me & was that bad I cried.Cutting the tale short, I eventually took myself off to A & E vomiting,jaundiced,poo clay coloured & in severe pain...was diagnosed with pancreatitis & liver damage due to gall stones stuck in biliary tract...I have little faith in my GP practice & now tend to query their 'diagnosis' which does not go down well. I don't go a lot, only if absolutely necessary.

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Welcome to the forum! Glad you have found us. Have you got a copy of your latest blood tests you can post? If you can add that or start another thread then we can see if you are correctly medicated and if other things need addressing. Doctors have a nasty habit of telling you that the results say you are fine so well done, carry on! But what they are really saying is that your results are in range ( or may be even Just out of it) buts it's where in the range that is important and that's usually when bothoth your FT 4 and FT3 reading are in the top third or even top quarter of their respective ranges. If you are in the UK then you can ask for your results and don't forget the ranges as well as these differ from lab to lab so without them we would only be guessing.

If there is another GP in the surgery you could see then I would see them if at all possible as they may know more about it than your doctors does. But with you results we. An probably give you more specific advice.


Hi there ☺️ sorry to hear about your experience I hope you get better help in future. Just wanna say welcome n also plz dnt lose hope xxxx


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