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2nd week on Tiromel + Levo

Hello to all, :)

I'm writting to update on my experience with Tiromel.

I've started, 2 weeks ago, adding 6,25mcg of Tiromel plus the 150mcg that I was taking of Levo and now have passed to 12,5mcg of Tiromel.

Feeling great!!! :)

I am amazed by the diference!!! Didn't feel like this for so long I really was thinking it wasn't possible!!!!

Can anyone tell me if this is just in the beggining or, being aware of my body and adjusting dosage of both levo and t3 I should really feel like this always?

Thank you so much!

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Once we are on an optimum dose, yes we can feel this way always. However if any clinical symptoms appear/return, you have to have a blood test to ascertain what is happening with regard to hormones.

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Thank you for the reply! :)

I'll continue to listen to my body.... next blood test will be in the end of the month.


I assume you know the procedure:

The earliest a.m. fasting (you can drink water)

Allow a gap of 24 hours from your last dose of levo and the tests and take afterwards.

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How soon did you feel a difference when adding 6,25 mcg T3?



Sorry for the delay... was in vacations and never oppened the PC again...

I feelt diferent right away: more energy!

In 2 days I wasn't feeling any more pains and aches. Really amazing!

Started sleeping better and my mood went way up. Another thing that blew me away was my libido getting back...

I'm really starting to feel normal again... Just missing to drop some weight... ;)

Just a note, at this moment I'm taking 25mcg T3 + 150mcg T4

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