Hair coming back What a boost!!!

Well hello hello to all I'm hoping that you all have one small blessing today I looked in the mirror today after enduring severe tiredness juggling with meds and test results and a corker of a urinary tract infection for 13 days and there they are tiny little sprouts of new hair on my bald hairline If I had of won the lottery I just couldn't be happier How uplifting 2 years of dermatologists different diagnosis and probably little or no patience from me I prayed every night please not my hair Vane I know so others out there It will return and it's a good feeling I'm treating it as you would a baby Just thought I would share.

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  • Congrats!!!

  • Thanks so much Katie I'm bubbling Yay one day with a good feeling

  • I totally get it!! I don't have better words than that, but I have a feeling those are ones that you don't hear enough. So sorry for what you've been through. I'm glad you're seeing some positive, and your perseverance pay off! Yay for you!!

  • Really pleased to hear of your joy. What do you consider has helped your hair to come back? Was it a change to your medication?

  • Hi thanks for your lovely support I found the more I stressed and Used what little good energy I had worrying about my absence of hair the worse it got I continued with Levi 50mcg rested more and didn't wash my hair as often stopped any products or electrical sand certainly no dye I was rewarded I took up meditation and basically instead of thinking defeatist ideas then one morning it paid off I seriously believe that it in my case was a lot to do with mind over matter and by resting and trying to be positive my body healed and gained enough energy to allow my hair a chance. I hope that things are bright for you.

  • All improvements give us a bit of impetus, particularly our hair when it has also suffered due to hypothyroidism. I'm sorry you also had extra symptoms which sound awful but which are now resolved.

    You've been given a boost to your morale, sometimes better than an increase in hormones :)

  • Yes it's worth all the downs just a little rebirth in an ailing body It represents hope Can't believe what I'm seeing I just wanted to let other people suffering the same that sometimes your GP does get it right Mine told me not to waste money on Regaine as the hair that is forced is like baby fine hair and as soon as you stop taking it so the regrow that stops My thyroid had affected my hair by resting it for much longer than is the normal cycle and hair loss at three times the normal rate but now at least one aspect is righting itself Yes I am happy although a bit of sun wouldn't go amiss but then that's a bit greedy of me Happy days in a gloomy condition 😀

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