Will my hair go back to normal?

I'm just wondering once you are on the right dose of medication for your thyroid does your hair grow back? Because my hair used to be so long and healthy. Now it's just breaking and doesn't seem to grow that well :( I do hate hypothyroidism you don't realize how lucky you are until you are diagnosed with such a horrible disease. I really feel like my life is ending and when really it's only just started I'm only 21 :( I just want to be a normal 21 year old. I'm sick and tired of feeling the way I do and looking the way I do at the moment.

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My hair grew back. I have a receding hairline but that is from another issue altogether. However, I started to really lose a lot of hair all over when my thyroid was low. But once I started back on levothyroxine my hair thickened back up again. It was really noticeable on top and it was all different lengths due to falling and breakage.

I'm back to my normal head of hair now (if you can call it normal). Been on levo since August 2016.

I was in the same boat as you when I was 18. My hair came back to normal once they got the dosage right. I'm 58 now and hair is fine. You will be back with full head and feeling better. Keep up with healthy eating, lots of info online I wish you well xx

Thank you xxx

Sadly mine never has. I have had some success with a biotin supplement, but overall I still have visible hair loss.

My hair has never come back to normal either. Overall hair loss still with a receding hairline. Ive been underactive since Dec 2006.

Jo xx

Most likely your hair will grow back and you will start to feel better . It is possible to lead a normal life especially at your age - well pretty much normal . The sad news is you'll have to take control of your own health care - you'll have to learn how to eat - what works well for you and what doesn't . Almost all of us have to stay away from gluten . It's the number one thing that will make you feel better . Doctors don't really understand auto immune disorders and thyroid disorders . Anyway if they do they're not allowed to treat us in the most effective way in a way that will help us be cured or to go into remission . You do you have this resource of health unlocked . Lots of knowledgeable people here that will help you . And with that help it really is possible to enjoy your life . Hang in there no disease is fun to have but as diseases go this one can be managed . I'm not sure what your circumstances are but if you can afford to go to a functional doctor they offer the best possibility for relief and real progress .

Thank you so much for your reply. Made me feel so much more positive!

I've grown more eyelashes, & now grow extremely long eyebrow hairs over 25mm, but I still have baby hair. My fingernails are much stronger, & seem to grow as fast as they did >40 years ago. It's not two years yet, but. I'm hopeful my NDT/T3 & supplements mix will improve my hair growth, too.

Have a look at this website: hypothyroid mom hair loss. Lots of brilliant advice 😀

My hair grew back too!!

Thank you, I follow hypothyroid mom on Facebook!

There has been research that if you are deficient in vitamin D this can cause hair loss. My doctor said she is advising all her patients to take vitamin D supplements,as for a good part of the year there is not enough sunshine in the UK to top it up,and a lot of people are deficient. People with hypothyroidism are also more likely to be deficient than others,so it's a double whammy!

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