Dry tangled hair

Since taking T3 my hair is now pretty thick again and when I first wash it it looks OK (but flat). However the next day the ends are horrendous and stick out in a kind of "blunt" way...even tying it in a ponytail looks stupid. I have tried leave in conditioners, expensive oils and have swapped to natural shampoo and conditioner but nothing is working and it's driving me mad!

Any miracle cures anyone?


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  • Got the exactly same problem. I bought some stuff from the hairdresser, it's quite thick and gunky, it's called Invisible Day & Night Cream by Windless & Moore of Covent Garden and after I've washed my hair I squeeze a bit about a centimetre onto my hand then rub both hands together briskly, it sorts of heats it up and makes it easier to rub onto the ends of my damp hair.

    The other thing I've bern doing is using one of those Aussie range miracle conditioners, this one is in a dumpy container where you squeeze the sides and it comes out of a self sealing hole I need the bottom, I smother my hair with that and pin it up for about 15minutes then shampoo it off, that works too, if I remember to use the one I got from the hairdresser as well my hair is really great.

    My hair is shoulder length and I put it in a pony tail at night and roll the ends into a big curl and hold it down with a couple of grips. My hairdresser also said to brush it with a real bristle brush as that distributes the natural oils and I typing that has helped too. I normally use Plantur 39 shampoo and conditioner although I don't find the conditioner very good, it's a very thin texture.

  • Thanks a lot for that. (For anyone else who may be interested - it's actually from Windle & Moodie :-) ) Can I ask what's it's like on 2nd day hair? As I said, I have loads of oils but they just make it...oily looking! Maybe a cream is what I need? I use the Aussie leave in conditioner and it's OK but I need something for my Incredible Hulk-like locks the day after washing. It's murder when I can't even tie it back.

    I've started using a Jason Organics shampoo and conditioner but if anything my hair is worse :-(

  • Aha, Moodie - I roll my tube down as I use it and obviously didn't unroll it far enough to read it properly.

    I'm like you have tried all sorts of oils - coconut, argon, olive, you name it. All sorts of conditioners too. The Aussie one is better put on before shampooing, I'm sure that's not how it should be but it works for me. My hair is quite fine but people think I have thick hair. A sensitive point when it was falling out at one point when I was first being treated. I've got Graves, then became hypo during treatment and the rapid jump from being very hyper to being very hypo caused it to fall out amongst other things :( The hair loss was awful, it drove me mad!

    It's ok on the second day with the W&M cream. My guy told me you have to really rub your hands together before you put it on your hair - not sure why but I rub it like mad, it softens it up quite a bit. I haven't really used it on dry hair though I think you can.

    Probably sounds awful but I try to wash my hair as little as possible and with tying it up and pining it into a curl at night I find generally that I can get away with only washing it two or three times a week and I used to be someone who washed it every day! It doesn't seem to get greasy or particularly flat either - my other problem!

    I know what you mean about Incredible Hulk hair, there's nothing worse than a pony tail - or whatever I do to tie it back - that sticks straight out because it is so dry the ends are almost fluffy. Horrible.

    I haven't been going to my hairdresser regularly since I grew it - in case he cuts too much off - I find it much easier to deal with when it us longer, I've got arthritis and find holding the drier and fighting with the brush hard work, now its longer I just put my head upside down and blow it then when it is mostly dry I go the right way up and 'sort of' style it.

    I eventually went back to him when it started to stick straight out when I pulled it back. I thought I needed the dry ends cut off which was when he suggested the bristle brush - I use a Kent one - sort of cheap version of a Mason Pearson brush. I also use a tangle teaser thing I got in Boots just after washing, find that helps and it doesn't seem to pull my hair out by the roots which is good.

  • Yes I have a Tangle Teaser too-they are brilliant. Something else I use is Revlon One which (usually) helps with tangles etc, but alas it's not doing much for me at the moment!

    When I was reading about the Invisible Day and Night cream it made me think of Vitapointe so I am going to try a bit of that before I shell out. My bedroom drawer is like Boots- chock full of all manner of lotions and potions...none of which are much cop :-(

  • I thought that too - my elderly aunt who was very glam in her youth used to use Vitapoint, I'm not sure the texture is the same, this is really firm until you heat it by rubbing your hands together.

    Id be interested to hear how you get in so PM me or even just start a new thread and tell everyone if it works. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Will do :-)

  • Hello

    Did you ever try natural beauty products like coconut oil or argan oil?

    Leave it on 20min before shampoo, one more thing I do I put on my dump

    Hair balsam or mask before shampoo on length only then I shampoo my

    Roots only really works

  • I've got all sorts of oils (I'm sure one is Argan!) but I tend to use them after washing. Maybe I should switch to pre-wash :-)

  • What is the Plantur 39 shampoo like? Does it prevent hair loss? ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • plantur39.co.uk

    I'd definitely say it helped with my hair loss. I use the shampoo, you have to leave it on for a few minutes rinse and repeat but you don't have to use too much and I use the conditioner but I'm not sure about how much I like it, it's not like other conditioners I've used, also I don't normally condition anything other than the ends of my hair so it feels odd to put it all over, it seems kind of thin and runny to me compared to other conditioners I've used. I've also got the lotion that you put n between shampoos.

    I used my Plantur stuff all the time for a while and I'd say that my brushes definitely had less hair in them. The last few weeks I've been using up all the half finished tubes and bottles lying around but when they're done I'll get Plantur again.

  • Thanks for that. I have graves and my hair is falling out. I looked at the Plantur 39 but wasn't sure and at ยฃ9 a bottle I thought I would ask if anyone had used it. Will give it a try ๐Ÿค”

  • My hair falling out drive me mad. Everyone I came in contact with would say 'Oh no, you've got lovely thick hair' I got to the stage where I used to keep the hair from the plughole ina little bank money bag every time I washed it - I was intending taking it all to the practice nurse to show her next time I visited her. Then (fortunately?) I got a bit more rational about it all ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Looking into the bath and seeing my hair lying there every time I washed it was something that drove me round the bend and really upset me and when I came on here for a grumble I discovered that I wasn't the only person who felt like that.

    Hopefully you'll find that when your thyroid is sorted out the hair loss stops.

    Did the front of your hair go silver? Mine was amazing, the front inch or so from ear to ear went completely silver, I assume the back did too. When my hairdresser brushed it back from my face all you could see was silver hair then when he brushed it straight down it was brown again. He used to show it off to everyone and anyone who was sitting waiting.

    Now my Graves is under control it isn't quite so obvious, it's still silver but I think it isn't as obvious as it was when I was at my worst.

    I found with the Plantur that it always took two washes, I used a little for the first wash and it didn't foam too much then I used about the same amount for the second wash and it seemed to foam up a lot more, so try and see how little you can get away with rather than slather it on, that way your bottle will last a bit longer.

  • I have a silver streak in my fringe although I am more grey than brown now๐Ÿ˜Š the first time I pulled all my hair from the plug hole I was shocked. I have to say I did think about keeping it to show my GP as she can't understand why I'm not

    feeling better. Fingers crossed all will sort itself out soon. Will get some Plantur when I go out in the week and see how I get on. Thanks for your help.

  • Ha, ha. It wasn't so much to show the GP and nurses who said I had 'lovely thick hair' it was more like 'next time one of them says I've got lovely thick hair I'll show them, I'll stuff my hair collection up their nose!'

    I could be pretty grouchy and volatile back then and someone cheerfully saying I had lovely thick hair when chunks of it were disappearing down the plughole at an alarming rate or even worse was lying in the bottom of the bath, I had seriously unpleasant thoughts.

    Got over all that now thank goodness.

  • Haha๐Ÿ˜‚how long did it take for all the anger and grouchy moods take to go away? I can turn in the blink of an eye for no real reason ๐Ÿ˜

  • Aha, that was me to a tee. I was horrendous until I got started on thyroxine along with the carbimazole - I was on block and replace so I took both at the same time.

    It took three months before the carb kicked in and I was able to start the levo. So I'd say I was pretty volatile for the three months I was on carbimazole only - I was taking 20mcg for the first four weeks then 40mcg a day for the next two months.. After that I started levo too and got better and better.

    One day we were waiting for a P&R bus, half a dozen elderly pensioners were hanging around at the bus stop, one was messing with a phone and the rest were just standing. Along comes the bus, everybody got off, the pensioners just stood there, waiting for who knew what, eventually I said 'Well are you going to get on the bus or just stand there because if you don't get on it, it will go away' without us (it definitely would havedone) Poor husband was totally mortified but it was obvious he was with me, they all stared at me then they all got on the bus and we followed and as I was showing my bus pass the guy with the mobile muttered something about people who were in a hurry. Probably just as well for them the bus didn't go off and leave us. I hate to imagine what I'd have had to say. I imagine my other half would probably have rushed me away for a coffee.

    There were a few similar episodes, especially if I felt 'put upon' - like when other half and his friend next door couldn't decide on a date for a Christmas get together and husband came in and actually suggested we (he really meant me) host it instead! I totally flipped big time. He knew I felt ill and he was very good but I don't think he had any idea of what 'ill' felt like for me otherwise he definitely wouldn't have suggested I throw a party.

  • I have dry hair anyway but found it a bit more wiry/knotty since taking T3. However, I have been taking zinc for a while now and it definately has improved the texture and not only has it slowed down hair loss but there is plenty of regrowth.

  • Hmmm...that's interesting Shelley. I stopped taking Zinc a little while ago. I wonder if that's the problem?

  • Could be, worth a try. It definately makes a difference.

  • I take horsetail and iron for me really see the difference


  • Rinsing my hair with vinegar made a big difference. Stopped using Aussie.

  • I wouldn't normally use it, I used to use the shampoo years ago when it was out first, can't remember who makes it now but I'm not sure Australia features in more than the name. I bought their 3 Minute Miracle Reconstruction Deep Treatment Conditioner because I wanted something really thick and 'gunky' to leave on and it seemed to fit the bill also it turned out to be really easy to squeeze with one hand. Makes my hair really silky - I did sometjlmes wonder what was in it and what it was actually dong to my hair to make it so silky ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • I have a similar issue and use shampoo and conditioner with no sulphate which helps immensely

  • Which one do you use Yvonne? I have ones by Jason and another organic Holland and Barratt but they've made no difference. One thing I have learned is a lot of shampoos have hydrolised wheat protein in so I am going to give them a swerve in future.

  • Hi there I always use head and shoulders as I find normal shampoo makes my hair like straw ,it has different ingredients, I then use an intense conditioner which is rinsed out and when my hair is wet I rub a small of the conditioner in to my hands and run it through the ends and leave in ,I then do the same with some morrocan oil,I never blow dry and also only wash my hair twice a week.

    I never brush my hair but use an afro comb when wet and if it needs detangling,other wise it fluffs up like a lions main v.1980's look !๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • I would love the lion's mane 1980s look!! Those were the days :-)

    I've never used Head & Shoulders since a hairdresser told me it's one of the worst shampoos out there. They've probably changed the ingredients since then...but anyway if it works for you that's great. I would use horse poo on mine if I could get my old hair back!

  • I know it's not really answer your looking for, but it's mine! I dealt with major hair issues BEFORE even a diagnosis, which made it a lot worse, psychologically. I have very fine hair to being with, had finally grown some, then bam. Broken, falling out...again. I have a friend who dies hair and she puts in extensions for me. Just enough to look natural. I buy the hair myself and she does them at home so I pay her $50/hr instead of salon charges. So yes, expensive, but it averages about $125 a month, and I was spending that much or more on a miracle before. I look like a real person! Given all the other things I don't feel in control of, this makes me feel good....and feminine.

  • Well worth the money if it makes you feel good Katie :-) My hairdresser has extensions and they look fantastic-totally realistic. I have hair envy when I see her! My hair is pretty thick so I don't really need them but I do have a lovely ponytail piece that I sometimes use. I might start using it now actually till my hair sorts itself out!

  • Totally jealous of your thick hair!! Ha ha. Yes, a hair piece can be great.

    If your hair is thick and not falling out, but has a mind of its own, have you considered a blowout treatment? It tames things. My sister gets them, and other than being expensive, she looks beautiful because of her thick hair.

    Anyway, I didn't know thyroid mess could make such crazy hair! I've only been on two months, but my hair person was telling me crazy stories!! Like hair not taking color from meds, etc. crazy!! Good luck!!! Love reading this post! I need ideas!

  • I'm not sure what a blowout treatment is? Maybe a keratin treatment? I had one once but it weighed my hair down too much. That's another thing that's changed. My once bouncy hair is now flat and limp :-(

  • General comments:

    Use sulfate free shampoos.

    Use a good conditioner. It's worth the money. I use kerastase. It lasts forever.

    Use a keratin product- conditioner or leave in- at least once or twice a week. More than that will make it feel dry.

    Use a leave in conditioner SPRAY (best) or Argan oil, and brush through, only avoiding top Inch or two of hair- you'll look greasy!

  • Yes to sulphate free and a huge yes to Kerastase. I started with Kerastase shampoo and conditioner, not sure which one because I used it before too. Think it was a scalp one in a pale blue bottle if that's any help but anywhere that sells it will be able to help you find the best one for. It's worth every penny believe me.

    To be honest reading this I'm not sure how I got off Kerastase and onto Plantur. Probably npbecause my hairdresser didn't stick Kerastase.

    Another yes to not washing or handling my hair any more than I had to and I also went through a phase of letting it dry naturally rather than blow drying.

    At one point a bunch of us on here used to buy a meadowsweet products from the Isle of Skye, their hair stuff was very good so was their muscle rub - there was almost something for every thyroid symptom I had. Their midge repellent is amazing - again not sure why I stopped getting their stuff - probably because my hair had stopped falling out and I got more relaxed about it.


  • I have the same issue with my hair, your description sounds as if I had written it myself!!! And I used to have beautiful hair, I used to get compliments on it, now I'm ashamed of it.

    Keratin shampoo and conditioner I bought in Spain, but that was made in Italy, worked quite nicely for me, but it was expensive. I don't remember the brand but I bought it at a hairdresser's saloon and it came in an orange bottle with a black top. I'm sure any other good keratin shampoo and conditioner should work as well, I just can't afford it for now.

    Folic Acid or Folate, and B12, biotin, all combined have also improved my hair, but nothing like before my hypothyroid.

  • I know just how you feel SpicyLotus. From being a kid people complimented me on my hair and I think that's why I am taking it so hard now :-(

    I have spates where it is OK (always flat now though!) but it's getting on my wick at the moment. I have just started taking Zinc again as per Shelley's suggestion and also Evening Primrose oil and will follow up with Horsetail if I see no improvement.

  • Think it's that it's just one more thing that your thyroid has messed up and it's a visible reminder of how rubbish you are feeling.

  • They say that your hair is a good indicator of your state of health so surely this should speak volumes to most doctors who pronounce us all as "normal" :-(

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