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Thyroid ruined your (curly) hair?

Then take a look at the Curly Girl method.

Basically modern products usually contain silicones, which seal the hair and make it look OK temporarily, but need harsh shampoos to remove them when they build up. By using silicone free conditioners and styling products, and avoiding sulphate shampoo you can restore the hair's normal moisture. My curls are looking great, and I have kinks, if not curls right to the roots. Compare that to the flat top, and frizzy sides that I had before and you'll understand why I am so excited.

This method would work for frizzy dry straight hair too, although I guess the difference would not be as dramatic.

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Just been looking at the website cos I'm never heard of this before!

Ruthi - are any of these curly hair products suitable for those of us with hair loss? Currently using Nioxin shampoo and conditioner.


I can't vouch for their effectiveness, since I haven't tried them, but certainly Shea Moisture do some products that are supposed to promote growth.

The place to ask is the Curly Girls FB group, or the forum on British Curlies. I am sure I remember some people talking about hair pieces and regrowth.

Oh, and the Nioxin shampoo is full of sulphates which strip the hair of its natural moisture and roughen the cuticle. The conditioner I looked at wasn't too bad, although it did contain a not too bad silicone.


Thanks Ruthi and didn't know that about Nioxin.


Its amazing what I have learned in the last six weeks! I saw CG mentioned, and there was a picture of the girl who was saying how happy she is that she found it. She has beautiful long curly hair. Mine has never been that long, or that beautiful, and to be honest its too late in my life for waist length tresses, but as soon as I started reading I knew I had to give it a go.

Do you want me to ask about hair thinning/regrowth. They are a very generous group, very much like the people here, although I know bad hair isn't life threatening!


Oooh! A couple of girls saying their hair has 'grown like wildfire' since they started doing this - one has been at it for two years.

Not sure about the analogy, though!


Ruthie - if you wouldn't mind asking that would be much appreciated. Used to have a huge head of hair but being curly has disguised how little is left and it makes me so sad.

Intrigued as to the 'growing like wildfire', need to know more!!


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Melissa Spence Mine grows really quick now, don't know if it the scalp massage or less heat or better products!

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Claire Cooper

Claire Cooper My hair is affected by the same thing and I can tell you I'm shedding less although my hair is still slow to grow, but it's still only been a few months since I went cg, the condition of my hair is much improved, in the fact that it's so much softer so I'd say go for it, got nothing to lose...pardon the pun wink emoticon

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Jess Bennett Hogan Mine has definitely been better since starting cg, but even more so since giving up the dye.


I'm not giving up the dye!!!

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There are safer dyes. Although someone reckoned their colour easy coming back, or was that here?


hi Ruthi this is just an offer for you, please don't take offence, my hair grows curly normally and i hate it if i shaved it off and sent it to who needs it and they can make a wig out for them, do you think that's a good offer total free of charge take care Alan


That's very generous of you, Alan. But I have plenty of my own. And I suspect others would prefer to have home grown hair rather than second hand.

But if you are willing to be patient and grow it to a decent length there is always a market for real hair for wigs.


OK, so the general feeling is that it can do no harm, and may do loads of good.

The sulphates in the shampoo strip the natural oils out, and will tend to cause more breakage. So the hair you grow doesn't get to its full length. By introducing and preserving moisture you will increase elasticity, and that translates into better longevity. I have found frequent references to faster growth, and a few references to thicker/denser growth as well.

Of course that is the converted preaching. One girl said a lot of hair came out when she did her first co-wash. That is probably because she was massaging for the first time and lots of loose hair that was due to fall came out. However, in the long run thorough massaging stimulates the scalp and is a Good Thing.

I am investigating the best hair colour myself. I am very lucky, and considering my age, hardly grey at all. I always said when I was young, that I would grow grey gracefully, but then when it finally began to happen I had been dark for so long it was a bit of a shock. It looks nicer with lowlights. And of course the greyest bit is right at the front where I see it every time I look in the mirror. Plenty of CG girls are colouring their hair.


I looked at the Curly Girl facebook page but it seems to be just for people with Afro hair. Is that right? The only pictures were of Afro hair.


You want

Curly Girls! (Conditioner-Washing Group for Women)

lots of white people with hair anything from slightly wavy to almost afro. And a few black girls too, indians, asians - wavy, curly and usually frizzy hair is the common theme.

There is a movement amongst black women for what they call natural hair. I got well told off for moaning that yet another word I have used all my life has been hijacked ('natural' in addition to 'black' and 'gay' - all words that had a different meaning in my yoof). Be wary of describing your hair as naturally curly for fear of being castigated for pretending to be black. I kid you not!!!

Rant over. That is the group for normal people. There is also a group called curly crew for people who can't bear to give up shampooing, although they avoid the sulphates and silicones - but honestly, there is no need. I still have a bottle of no poo in my shower but it is never used.

I've been doing the method for six months now. My hair is unrecognisable. In fact last week I went back to my hairdresser for the first time since switching and she spent the whole hour cooing over the condition of my hair, my scalp, my lack of frizz....

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