On Levothyroxine? T4 only treatment? Still feel rotten? Told it's all in your head? SIGN IT! 👇🏼

It needs 100k signatures before it will get any level of consideration! This community can get it there!



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72 Replies

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  • How might we go about getting this as a pinned post? 🙏🏼

  • I did and couldn't see it in there. Maybe I just missed it. 🙈😂 x

  • It was my mistake Pamela. I've signed several petitions recently.

  • I still can't see it haha I'm being thick! I see the NHS consultation documents in the pinned posts but not the petition link xx

  • This is one I'm referring to. Cannot believe it is 7 months old.

  • Yes come on people why have you all not signed??!!

    If it's not affecting you now it probably will in the future!

    Plus help those who can't function without T3

    Low T3 causes heart disease enough reason to sign!

  • Thank you xx ❤️❤️❤️

  • Signed

  • Thank you so much x ❤️

  • Pamela - Thank you for helping to keep the momentum going. I have signed of course, so hope this message jolts others into signing too.

  • Hoping it does too xx thank you Hun x

  • This is something we all need to get on board with. I signed and shared this at the beginning and there are currently just over 6000 signatures. This forum has tens of thousands of members and I would urge you all to take just a few minutes to read and sign this very well put together petition. A hell of a lot of work has gone into the campaign to raise awareness of this issue and it would be a real shame if the hard work didn't come to anything especially when many people here are going to be affected by the removal of T3.

  • Thank you xx couldn't agree more x

  • Popped over to the pernicious anaemia forum and posted the link there too. Every little helps x

  • Thank you so much xx

  • Thank you. Signed and put on my FB. Do you think it would help if this post was posted EVERY DAY ? Some members perhaps don't log in daily or even have breaks of a week or more - on holiday, feeling better etc. It's so vital to get as many signatures as possible.

  • I'm sure it absolutely would help. Every signature counts xx

  • Need to find someone who can keep posting it on daily basis. You?

  • Hahah I will post it as often as I can. I share it already as often as I can on Facebook and Twitter etc x

  • Have just signed and huge thanks for continuing this campaign.

  • Thank you so much xx

  • Signed, thank you X

  • Thanks Ella xx

  • I have signed one about this so not sure if it's the same one. I'll try and I expect if it's the same one it will tell me I've already signed. I sent one to my MP but never heard a thing back. I'm on T3 and it's getting harder for the pharmacists to get it due it's rising cost.

  • it let me sign so it must be a different one.

  • Thank you Hun x

  • I've signed a while ago and have shared it on my Facebook page and Twitter numinous times, we need to get this out there as much as possible so if your on face book or Twitter could you share it as well as sign as the more people who see it the more signatures we will get. Itt campaign is not just about t3 although this petition is for that as losing t3 on prescription is eminent if we don't do something about it now we will lose it. Itt want to improve treatment for thyroid across the board so come on people let's get behind these hard working people.

  • Love this reply xx yes, let's get it out there xx

  • Signed ;)

  • Thank you so much x

  • I've signed and emailed the link to lots of people. Thanks!

  • Appreciate that more than you know xx thank you x

  • Done!

  • Thank you xx

  • Has anybody tried posting this on the Fibro Action forum? :)

  • Please feel free to do that xx I don't think anyone has x

  • Ummm... no. I'm not welcome on there. lol

  • I just posted it. Worth a shot right? Lol x

  • Right! Well done! lol x

  • Let's see how long it stays there...

  • What did you do Goose? 😨 Did they not take to your wonderful straight talk. 😉

  • They didn't like me talking about vitamins and vitamin deficiency. :(

  • Aww Goose. In that case they don't deserve your knowledge so it's their loss in more ways than one. At least you know you more than appreciated here. X

  • Thank you, Singoutloud. :)

  • Agreed, it's their loss. I'm impressed with your honesty. I had a gang of haters on a local site recently when I tried to do the right thing for an animal who was obviously being neglected. Strange how some people are afraid to act. It really hurt me for a while but it was a fait accompli - the animal is fine now. And then a group of people PM'd me and thanked me for taking action. Why wouldn't they support me publicly?

    Keep up the good work GG, I appreciate your knowledge and wisdom.

  • Thank you, LAHs. :)

  • I go to told off for talking about leaky gut on the pelvic pain forum so left!

  • Good heavens! Where's the harm in that? These people want to loosen up a bit, and understand that so many things can be connected, or have a common cause.

  • Totally!I was told I was giving false hope and there's no evidence (Sigh).

  • Signed

  • Thank you so much xx

  • Just signed it!

  • Thank you. I really appreciate it xx we still need 94k signatures so feel free to share it with everyone you can x

  • How ironic is this. I signed the petition this morning and this afternoon a GP from my health centre rang to say that they are having to stop prescribing T3 and he wants me to go back to T4 only to see what happens before they scrap the licence. Now I'm terrified as it was proven I can't convert without the T3 but he doesn't accept that. The pharmacy told me it was due to cost as only one company make it here in the UK but this doctor says it's nothing to do with cost. He is going to test my TSH after a month but should I ask for other tests and if so what? I'm really scared as I know the first thing to go will be my brain. I was bed ridden before, I don't want to go there again. I live alone and have no one to help.

  • Sending you all my love and best wishes. Thank you for signing it though. And it absolutely is because of cost although they'll say it's due to lack of evidence too which is untrue. The NHS themselves have categorised it as a drug that is "clinically effective".

    Here is a copy of the consultation document which shows T3 details in section 4.9 and you can use it to have the conversation with your doctor:

    Make sure you fill in the case study too a you're a perfect case study for this.

    I think in your case you need to have another chat and e-mail the Practice Manager too if you need to. I've done the same. I'm also going to my local Councillor and MP too.

    But, if all else fails the. You can still buy it (although you shouldn't have to) ... you can get it from various websites and also a private endocrinologist will prescribe it to you xx

  • Thanks Pamela. I asked him about NDT and said you didn't need a licence for that but he said if he prescribed that and I caught some disease from it he would be responsible so they won't that. I wish I'd never had the RAI in the first place. I didn't want it having read up on it but was shown the government papers saying how safe it was and then once it's ruined your life it's the government that withdraws the only medication that keeps you well. Great. I will contact my local councillor then as my MP didn't respond. xx

  • Surely this part means they can't do this to me. I was prescribed this from an endo at the hospital. Does primary care mean your GP?

    " Advise CCGs that if, in exceptional circumstances, there is a clinical need for Liothyronine to be prescribed in primary care, this should be undertaken in a cooperation arrangement with a multi-disciplinary team and/or other healthcare professional"

  • It's a difficult one but if it's Endocrinologist prescribed and monitored then I would say you have a good case to keep it. Worth asking for a referral follow up with the Endo maybe?

    NHS define primary care as:

    "As many people's first point of contact with the NHS, around 90 per cent of patient interaction is with primary care services. In addition to GP practices, primary care covers dental practices, community pharmacies and high street optometrists."

    Hope that helps x

  • Thanks again. Pamela. It was an endo that diagnosed me and prescribed the T3 but then passed me back to my GP. I will telephone the hospital tomorrow and see if they can help. xx

  • Yeah I think that's your best bet. Please let me know how you get on xxx

  • Rang the hospital and got put through to the endo's secretary but just got answerphone. I left a message and have tried again but still the same. Meanwhile I have informed my local councillor. x

  • Good on you hun xx keep at it x

  • Signed

  • Thank you xxx

  • Signed

  • Thank you xx

  • If people abroad sign the petition will those signatures count or not?

  • Thy can sign but only UK citizen signatures will count on the version that goes to parliament. X

  • Someone put up this petition on Hashimotos 411 Facebook group which is an American group and asked the members to sign so I'm concerned many of the signatures won't count :(

  • I and many of the campaign team have put it on that page and others. Whilst some signatures will be discounted there are a huge number of UK followers in that group. The more signatures the more shares, the better chance it will hit a UK Audience xx

  • Signed and asked family to sign too

  • Thank you so much. The more the better! x

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