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T3 A legit supplier

Hi All,

I would appreciate it if anyone knows of a legit supplier for T3 they could PM me. Had no issues up until a couple of months ago and it appears from various posts I’m not the only one.

I’ve tried another site but it appears that they also took my money and failed to supply.

Back on T4 but the worlds one big foggy mess, so any help truly appreciated.

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Can you post your last results then it's easier to advise.

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Welcome to the forum, Djhatchett.

Members are more inclined to share sources with new members who provide a little background. Perhaps you could post your recent thyroid results and ranges and say how much Levothyroxine you are taking and how long you've been diagnosed.

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I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s in Jan 2009. Free T4 was less than 1.5 - only went to Docs cause I felt like crap and was sleeping a lot. T4 dosage since then has been 50mcg to 225mcg. Last two years been at 150mcg. Been back and forward to Docs/Endo since then as I feel like crap and sleep a lot. Thanked them for telling me about my Thyroid and giving me some T4, but I’d just like to be well again. Had sleep study, cortisol tests, pituary tests and a brain scan but as my Serem Free T4 level stays close to their magic zone of “normal” so I feel they are not really interested. Over last couple of years lethargy and brain fog was getting progressively worse - had a few sessions with CFS/ME clinic which was helpful from a personal point of view as it was clear to me I didn’t have it despite having another diagnosis added to my file. (Despite rest/activity there is no Change in my condition). Unfortunately clinic closed.

Out of desperation I read a book by Paul Robinson in summer of 2016 - Recovering with T3. Mentioned this to Doc’s, kicked up as much of a fuss as I could, got put under new endo via NHS waited 3 months to see her - during this time experimented with T3 in 12.5mcg doses spread throughout day. Got to see Endo and she advised to come off T3 as it may alter results. Did as I was told - and that was a backward step as Mr Cabbage Brain came back to stay - she ran her tests - told me that all was in normal range and told me to accept my CFS/ME diagnosis.

Ordered more T3 and began proper experimentation - at this stage I was doing approx 16 hours a week work as that was all I could manage without crashing badly (work have been fantastic throughout). Found best dosage for me was 25mcg at 08:00, 25mcg at 12:00 and 12.5mcg at 16:00. iPhone alarm was really really useful. Experimented with up to 5 doses a day and a T4/T3 combo.

Felt best on T3 only. You got a feeling - like a slight head shrinkage is the best way I can describe it - if I was late with a dose. Morning lethargy was much improved, daytime energy levels were slightly improved but it was the fact that my brain was working again - the fog which was now normal had significantly improved. Also body temp was more normal - I didn’t feel the cold quite as much.

During all experimentation I recorded blood pressure and pulse and temp twice a day, every day. First thing then at 20:00. Overdosing symptoms - when I was taking 100mcg T3 split 4 times a day were slightly elevated BPM, temp increased by 0.1 degree C and I had a low level buzzing headache constantly, also had trouble falling asleep.

Don’t really pay much attention to thyroid results as i have been in or slightly above the recommended range for past nine years and haven’t really felt well for any of them. The best I felt since going to Docs was the first few months on T4 - it was probably about 6 months after that I felt the symptoms returning. My naive assumption was that they would treat the symptoms not look at a chart and tell me how well I was. And the longer you are in the system the more labels they attach to you. CFS/ME not interested if you have thyroid issues, and Endo claims I have CFS/ME as their chart of Free Serum and TSH says that my thyroid is OK cause my result is in the special box marked normal range.

In late April I was getting low and reordered. Ran out in May. Back on T4 and Mr Cabbage head is back with a vengeance.

So if anyone out there has a realiable source for T3 I would appreciate it. Haven’t really got the cash to keep paying for T3 I don’t receive.



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