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Reliable supplier for Thybon Henning T3

I have been on T3 (prescribed by GP) for several years and do really well on it.

However, the last batch of T3 (Mercury Pharma) appears to be completely ineffective and I have gone down daily over the last 3 weeks and now have completely hypo symptoms. I have increased the dose by 50% but still no improvement. I would like to buy a batch of Thybon Henning to check that it is the tablet quality that is the problem. I have had Thybon in the past when Mercury Pharma was out of stock and it was excellent and worked very well for me.

Anyone know where can I buy a month's supply of 20mcg tablets (70 tablets)?

Please PM me as public replies are not allowed.

Thank you


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I hope you've had some feedback via PMs. If not, feel free to repost your question.

Did you ever find a uk supplier as I am also looking? Thank you!

No. I have a German supplier and use Thybon Hemming with much better results (and lower dose). It needs a prescription though (true for all German suppliers). I also got some in Southern Ireland via a friend there but again with prescription. Thanks for asking.

Would you mind sending me who your German supplier is by DM please? I have a private prescription but just can't afford uk costs and my gp won't prescribe it to me on the NHS. So frustrating! Thank you

Please could you PM me with the contact details of your German supplier.

Many thanks

If you would like to e mail me I can give you a supplier

Please use the Private Message system and do not post email addresses or other pesonal contact information.

If you want a PM of where to get medicines, people need to believe you need their help. They need to be able to ask you if you really need the product, if you understand how to use it, where you live, and other relevant questions. Just posting "PM me too" really does not allow that sort of interaction and you are likely to get fewer responses, and possibly miss out on some good sources and advice. So post you own new question.

Also another trouble is that threads full of "Please PM me", "I've sent you a PM", repeatedly, do nothing to help anyone. The original poster will continue to get alerts, so too might others (such as anyone following the thread, and anyone who is responded to). We also see the same few posts repeatedly appearing in the News Feed.

If, despite all the above, you do still wish to ask a particular member to send you a PM, well, I suggest that instead of posting "PM me too" you simply send a PM directly to the person you want to respond? This makes it super-easy for the person to respond to your PM. They can respond, or ignore.

If you receive a PM request, there is no need to then post "I've sent you a PM" on the thread as well as actually sending a PM as requested.

(PM = Private Message)

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