Reliable supplier for Thybon Henning T3

I have been on T3 (prescribed by GP) for several years and do really well on it.

However, the last batch of T3 (Mercury Pharma) appears to be completely ineffective and I have gone down daily over the last 3 weeks and now have completely hypo symptoms. I have increased the dose by 50% but still no improvement. I would like to buy a batch of Thybon Henning to check that it is the tablet quality that is the problem. I have had Thybon in the past when Mercury Pharma was out of stock and it was excellent and worked very well for me.

Anyone know where can I buy a month's supply of 20mcg tablets (70 tablets)?

Please PM me as public replies are not allowed.

Thank you


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  • T3Sortedme,

    I hope you've had some feedback via PMs. If not, feel free to repost your question.

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