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Are My 8yr Old Son's Blood Results Normal? Any Help Much Appreciated?

Hi! As myself and other family members have hypothyroidism, I wanted to get my young son's blood tested in the hope of confirming it hasn't been passed on as it can run in families.

The GP amazingly agreed to test him and passed on the results to me, stating that the results are satisfactory (whatever that truly means).

I would be ever so grateful if experienced responders can tell me if they think the results below show whether he has perfectly normal thyroid function or not.

T4 level 15 pmol/L (normal range 10-25) TSH level 1.83 mU/L (normal range 0.64 - 6.27 )


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Twinmommy - they seem to be fine at the moment. If that was my son, and with the family history, I would be keeping an eagle eye on how he is feeling, watch out for any familiar symptoms, and request regular annual tests from his GP.


Thank you SeasideSusie, that's a relief.



Those results are unequivocally euthyroid. It's not unusual for children and adolescents to have much higher TSH levels than adult levels.

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Thank you! I am so pleased things are fine for now, appreciate your reply :)


Hi clutter do you have any references you could point me to which explain tsh results in children being higher?



No, the two I had bookmarked no longer work.


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