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Seizures & Hyper


Hello everyone :)

So I posted some results in a previous post. In a nut shell the endo has said hyperthyroidism and I am on 20mg of Carbimazole a day. I am still under investigation as to why I'm hyper but will be going to see the endo in two weeks. Yesterday I had 11 seizures in a row and was taken to hospital ... now I am not epileptic and don't follow that pattern for epilepsy. I don't lose consciousness but am in a daze afterwards. Can't remember what I said and it's all a blur afterwards, I get tired but feel so wired I can't sleep. I have a headache for days afterwards too.Doctors are always quick to suggest the old " depression and anxiety" card. I do get anxious at times yes ... but I don't think it's a coincidence that I'm on thyroid meds and I seizure. Does anyone have any experience with the seizures at all ? Thank you in advance.

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Did you experience seizures prior to taking Carbimazole?

Cleoham87 in reply to Clutter

Ah yes sorry I should have made that clearer. Yes I had seizures before ... I've been put on carbimazole for the thyroid levels x

Clutter in reply to Cleoham87


The Carbimazole patient information leaflet doesn't list epilepsy or seizures as adverse effects of the medication.

Myasthaenia gravis sprang to mind..another autoimmune disorder but eminently treatable. I know someone with it and it took years for her to be diagnosed too. Hyperthyroidism can and does also cause seizures but not usually severe one unless the levels of thyroid hormone are through the roof. I used to have 'absence' type moments - could see, hear a bit (but weird/echoey) but physically useless - extreme tiredness afterwards. And yes, it was er OBVIOUSLY psychiatric in origin (fgs!)

Its miserable at this stage but with treatment you WILL feel better. X

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