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Nocturnal seizures & hypothyroidism


does anyone on this site who has hypothyroidism know if this is linked to nocturnal seizures - I started to have them 18 months ago - was also diagnosed with sleep apnea & more recently asthma - it seems it might be something to do with oxygen saturation - but I've read it could be linked to thryoid problems. I'm having different tests -but the drugs they have put me on in the meanwhile are making me very tired and also brain fog is worse - As if I need this !!

I'm a bit fed up with all this (also recovering from a hip replacement 4 months ago) and don't know which way to turn. Thank for reading

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Hi, bearing in mind your profile of obvious autoimmune disease, please get tested for Hughes Syndrome/APS, in order to rule it out, as often it gets missed particularly by neurologists. These are these are the tests, and often a Thyroid problem will go along with it:



Thank you Mary

I will certainly ask my GP for these tests - I know my rhematologist did some antibody blood tests recently to rule out Lupus but I 've not heard of Hughes syndrome/APS.

I'll come back with reply/results


It is a cousin of Lupus! and easily treatable, but needs investigating, if you do pass the tests come back to me as on our forum we have a list of NHS and private specialists who understand the condition fully. MaryF


Thank you again - i will do !


i am hypothyroid (underactive) and have fibro myalgia but what really drains me is the sleep disorder, periodic limb movement, its progressed from the restless leg syndrome ive had for 20yrs or more but any other condition i had before has worsend since 2011, too many to list and i try not to dwell too much but i will say pills hardley work but a healthier diet and meditation has, i wish you all the best :)


Thank you for your repy - i understand too -Im watching my diet & do relaxation exercises often


your welcome, keep smilin :)


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