What the doctor said about t3

Ok... I'm kind of angered and confused, Saw a very helpful gp today, he has booked aload of test for me for vitamin deficiency and coeliac, he went in to my background regarding my hypothyroidism, we started discussing t3, ok so I didn't tell him I'm on t3.. But when I said, that a lot of people treat themselves with t3 and feel better on it, he said, t3 don't work, it's like homeopathy.. Placebo effect, it don't work, I also mentioned that my dose of t4 was upped and I felt worse, would that be because t4 isn't converting in to t3, he said very unlikely as these things are picked up when your a baby. There are very few people in this world that can't convert t4 to t3.

I'm completely confused by all this, why do I feel like I'm alive again, I don't take levo anymore... Maybe I should of said I'm on t3

The other thing he said, that got to me was , the way I'm feeling is because I'm probably depressed! I felt awful on t4 but feel great on t3... I'm angry at that, it's like they want to use that depression thing again.

I did get somewhere , he rang the endo department and my appt is next month, at last yay!

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  • Run away, run away, run away. This GP is not good for your health.

    If taking T3 is a placebo, then why does the body make it? How does he know that very few people don't convert T4 to T3? Hardly anyone ever does full tests of TSH, FT4 and FT3 at the same time, so how could anyone know how well anybody converts?

    If you are prepared to treat yourself and the treatment you are taking is working really well, then why must you see your doctor anyway?

    I treat my own thyroid problems and pay for my own tests. I have told my doctor I am doing this and have said I will manage my own thyroid treatment. The subject is never raised any more.

  • I accompanied another patient to see my endo. She asked for t3, he assured her he didnT believe in it and it wouldn't work. I then said .... Well it works for me and I am one of your patients. :-). He just shook his head and muttered placebo.

    Some of these docs and endos only know where the thyroid is, (its a bit like playing pin the tail on the donkey). They don't understand how it works.

    Thyroid problems are picked up when you are a baby, if you have them when you are born. Some people develop problems much later.. I was in my md 20's. The doc is being idiotic. Maybe you should tell him so. :-).

    If there are very few people who cannot do the conversion thing, what tests is he doing to check you are not one of them?

    sounds like you have had to deal with a patronising idiot....... Plenty of them working as docs. Better luck next time.

    Xx. g

  • It's amazing.. Why are doctors so ignorant to the thyroid? When the thyroid plays a very important part on how the body functions!

    My doctor said my liver enzymes are on the higher end of the range... I've read that the thyroid can cause this... I'm finding this whole condition rather scary.


  • Yep, my liver results were high end despite me not really being much of a drinker. I manage to drink a bottle of gin every year! Just one over the course of a year. :-)

    The results improved when I took control of my own thyroid dosage.

    Xx g

  • And by what you said, your just on t3?

  • I was on t4/t3 combination and have also tried t3 only, but I swapped to NDT, a few years ago. That's when everything got much better for me.


  • Do the nhs prescribe that for you? Do you find ndt better than t3?

  • No, the Nhs still prescribe t3 and t4. I save the prescriptions and one day will hand them back to the doc, just to see the look on his face. I buy my own NDT. :-) and have never told the doc that is what I do.


  • Nikki, He sounds like a waste of space. Most people probably convert T4 to T3 just fine...until they have thyroid problems. If he thinks Liothyronine is homeopathic or a placebo no wonder the Society of Endocrinologists don't think GPs should prescribe it without endo guidance.

    You feel great, but that means you're depressed? He's off his trolley :-D

  • These doctors very clearly never went to thyroid function lectures or have been brainwashed

  • certainly does come across like that.. it amazes me every time i see a different gp and their opinions on thyroid health.

  • A hospital consultant I was seeing about hypertension said T3 was transported around the body and then converted into T4...

  • Sheer, pure and horrible ignorance! A doctor that doesn't even know how the body works! If it were a placebo, having no gland function, and being on T3 only, I would be dead by now! This man should be ashamed of himself!!!

  • Exactly my feeling too

  • It's terrible what we have to sit and listen to. Don't they notice the dropping jaws when they spout that nonsense?

  • I did say, I do beg to differ.. He then changed the subject..

  • lol :(

  • I was on Levothyroxine too, and it has side effect to make you feel depressed along with other side effects. Listen to your body and stick to t3 if it makes you feel better, but be aware of t3 dangers too. It can damage your organs if you take too high dose. Do lots of reading on this and other forums which will edgucate you to understand what is going on inside your body.

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