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Hashi, Hyper or Hypo nobody seems to know :(

I had my specialist appointment today at the hospital for the first time in 18-24 months and yet again i'm hearing the same thing i usually get from my doctor, that being that he doesn't know if i now have Hashimoto's, Hyperthyroidism or Hypothyroidism. I explained i have symptoms of all 3 and he basically didn't know what to say to that except to do yet more blood tests. I have had loads of blood tests but my doctor and specialist can never agree on the diagnosis.

I was originally diagnosed with hyper about 12-13 years ago but in the last 5 years or so my thyroid seems to go in remission by itself without medication but then starts up every now and again. I don't feel ill with it and i'm not in pain but i've been this way for so long i don't even know if i am ill but feel "fine" because i'm used to it (If that makes sense?), I do have the tiredness and insomnia along with getting easily irritated and every now and again i do lose lots of full strands of hair but that's about it. I did get the "brain fog" around November last year along with bad tremors, mood swings etc but that went on it's own after a couple of weeks and that was the worst i've ever had it. My eating is all over the place too since November.

I want to try for a baby through Insemination but how am i supposed to try when i can't get diagnosed properly to treat myself enough to improve my chances of conceiving and having a healthy and safe pregnancy?

There has been talks in the past about having surgery or RAI but i have always tried to stay away from both but i'm starting to feel like both are better than what's happening now. At least i'll know i'll go hypo and can be treated for that without the constant guessing.

Any advice or thoughts please?


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Hi Nikki. I am unable to offer any concrete advice or suggestions; just mainly empathy, I'm afraid. I have been in your position for many years with symptoms which could relate to hyper or hypo, I don't know any more. Blood tests can vary wildly. My current (private) GP tells me I have a brittle thyroid and is treating me with Levo and thyroidinium which is a homeopathy remedy and I do generally feel more balanced day to day, but by no means as well as I would like, although I think we all get to the stage where we aren't sure what 'well' is anymore.

I am aware that lots of people don't think that homeopathy works and that's fine we all have our own opinions, but it has helped me.

I do hope that you are blessed with healthy happy babies in the future and that you find wellness xx

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sounds to me that you have both hashis and graves running in tandem

your right to reject RAI especially since you are young

My advice sadly though is not to try for pregnancy unless a geneticist can assure you that any child will not also inherit autoimmune disease or have other related problems

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Thanks, I really hope it's sorted soon whatever it is but i was thinking maybe i had all 3 but not sure if that's possible?

I've made a note to ask that when i go to see my doctor next and see if she knows or can refer me to a geneticist.


Thank you Abby xx


Get copies of all your blood tests - it's your legal right to have one - post them on here and we'll be able to tell you what you've got! If they've done the right tests, that is. What a bunch of numbskulls! Insist you have to diagnose by blood tests, rather than symptoms, and then know nothing about the tests! Typical!!! :)


I'm going to my doctors next week so i'll pick up copies of my blood tests then and hopefully i can get the one i had done at the hospital too as my doctors said they don't always get them.

I have been advised on another of my posts what bloods to ask for but when i asked they said it doesn't work by me requesting them and that they do it based on my symptoms.

I am tempted to say to them that, that way clearly isn't working which is why no one knows what i have exactly anymore and see what he says.

I can't afford to get them all done privately either so it's my only option.


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