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hi all I need to ask a stupid question I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism over 6 years ago and have been on 100mg levothroxine. thus got increased over a year ago to 150 mg then in may I had an abulance out as I was really ill and turns out I overdosed on levothroxine so my doctor put me back down to 100mg. since then I feel terrible dizzy headaches, feeling hot all the while but cold hands and feet, constipation and unbelievabley tired putting on weight daily, really anxious crying constantly I could go on but don't want to bore you with my many symptoms. went to doctors who obviously said it's not my thyroid YEAH RIGHT. He tested it under protest and said my tsh is 0.46 it's ALL FINE. He did no t3 or t4 tests nothing . I'm trying to get him to refer me to someone who actually knows what day it is, but a quick question if anyone can help with that figure does that look like I'm more on the hyper scale than hypo ?? x

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You look hypo rather than hyper. It may be that you need 125 mcgs or alternate day dosing (100 one day and 125 the next) or something similar

You may also want to do a Di02 gene test as I spent a year on levo and it made me better but not well. Got the gene test, found positive and started on ndt around 1.5 years ago. If you also have the gene issue no amount of levo is going to sort you out; the thing I really noticed on ndt rather than levo is around brain function; for me without levo I'd say my iq dropped by 40 points and I struggled with organisation etc, levo gave me back 10 points and about 4 days after starting on ndt another 30 came back. But I hadn't realised how much brain fog I had until I took ndt and didn't have it any more.

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Im interested in the gene testing. What does this show? My family are full of autoimmune diseases.


It shows a conversion problem (converting t4 into t3 not as well as everyone else) rather than autoimmune. If you have hashis/graves there's quite a lot of advice on getting better from these available from forum people as optimum treatment regimes can be a bit different to those that don't have autoimmune thyroid problems

Good luck


You're right to be annoyed that no other test was done - you simply can't tell at all from a TSH test whether you're over or undermedicated.

But I don't think it's at all likely you're overmedicated on 100mcg of Levo. It's not a very big dose at all.

If your doctor won't test for anything else - FT4 and FT3 as a minimum, antibodies would also be good - then can you change to another doctor in the practice? If not, there are private blood tests that you can order for yourself - no visits to phlebotomy required, just a fingerprick to fill a tiny vial to send in a lab to the post.

We shouldn't have to resort to that, but sometimes it's the only way to get answers. I'll find the link to the page about private blood tests in just a mo.


You do sound hypo to me. Feeling hot is sometimes a red herring because you can feel hot with hypo because your thermostat is bit wonky and the constipation is always a red flag for me.

Could I suggest that you order. TSH,FT4 and FT3 from blue horizon. The home test finger prick test is what you need. Simple to do and reliable. Go to the home blood test site.

This will at least give you a better idea as to where you are. If you order today, they should arrive Tuesday.



Thank you I will have a look x


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