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Temporary Crash

Hi folks, I just wondered if anyone else gets this please. So we had a lovely couple of days, we went on a farm walk and then 2 days later we went to a country show. Both involved a reasonable amount of walking and standing, which I find tiring even though my Thyroid S is generally making me feel much better. I had been worrying a bit about an upcoming event as I have to get cover for my animals whilst we are away and they have special requirements so I hate the thought of leaving them really. OK, we went to a lunch on Sunday and within a short space of time, my eyes puffed up and stung, I felt very weary and I had to go and have a sleep in the car for about 1/2 hr, I took a couple of Ibuprofen. The snooze helped a little bit but I had another lie down when we got home and felt tearful. After about 2 hrs, I was fine again. Yesterday, Monday, I was very tired in the afternoon and had a sleep for about 1 1/2 hrs. I seem to go through this, I think all is well and then I crash :( Do you get similar lovely people? xx

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Yes - I get similar. When I have bags of energy I can keep going - spent 8/9hrs each day traipsing around Barcelona this weekend. That lasted for two days on day three I was super tired with no energy.

I've found certain times of the day e.g. Between 3 and 5 I have to be busy or I will cat nap. If I go beyond tiredness then I can stay awake into the early hours of the morning if I wanted to.

How I combat this is - I take more T3. Not every day but once in a while.

When I was on NDT I took more too. I definitely needed more NDT than Levo e.g. On Levo my TSH was 5 in 50/75 and in NDT my TSH was 5 on 2.5 grains!!

Can you split doses / alter the times you take it - see if that works?

Fatigue and tiredness is my number 1 symptom. Can't wait to crack the right doseage!!

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Good Morning Helena877 - thank you for your reply. Weird isn't it? Like you some days I can go like a steam train, I surprise myself just how much I can achieve! (I used to be like that all the time before Hashi's set in - I want to get back to the "old me"!!). I might then pay a price for the sudden surge of energy and have a couple of days when I need to nap usually around 2-3pm for just over half hour. Mostly after the nap, I am like a steam train again!! :) Just a nuisance isn't it. I feel like I am a lazy wotsit and I know some people think that too! You can't make the majority of people understand how you feel and I try to cover it up as I don't want to moan as that isn't very attractive either is it!! Bloomin Hashi's!! Occasionally I can go beyond tiredness but not often. When I am tired, I almost feel like I don't have a brain, I forget things and say silly things as I don't seem to be able to digest a conversation. I was on 100mcg Levo. I then took Armour for a while and was on 2.5 tablets (60mgs) now I am on Thyroid S and take 3 x 60mgs. I feel a bit tremory this morning. I had wondered about taking another Thyroid S but I don't like to overdo it. I certainly could do with a bit more power though. Thank you for your reply, it helps to know there are others like me - I hope we win our battle Helena877!! xx


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