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Full blood information

Hi everyone.

I am really sorry for not posting full blood results

My results

Tsh range 0.27-4.2 results 1.43

Free thyroxine range 12-22 result 15.49

Total thyroxine T4 Range 59-154 Result 80.7

Free T3 Range 3.10-6.80 result 4.9

ReverseT3 range 10-24 result 21

Reverse T3 ratio range 15.01-75 result 15.19

Vitamin B12 Range 140-724 result 301.20

Folate (serum) Range 2.91-50 result 2.26

Vitamin D Range 50-200 result 39.93

Inflammation marker

CRP-High sensitive range 0-5 result 0.7

Ferritin range 30-400 result 718.1

Any advise would be really great full

Thanks wayne

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Wayne: your TSH is only slightly above the recommended 1 we want to see. Your free T3 could afford be a bit higher... But your folate and Vit D are very low! This is likely due to absorption issues (almost all of us have them with thyroid). So if we don't have our nutrient levels at "optimum" our body will continue to struggle to convert that T3 we need from our daily dose. And our poor nutrient levels will also make us feel like (pardon the expression) crap πŸ’©!! I'm rather curious to see your ferritin level sky-rocket high tho and wonder if you are over supplementing there?

I'd really recommend you do some serious reading on nutrient supplementing and get to understand the necessity it is for us to get it right





And because you inquired earlier... some extra reading on selenium as it is very important to us as well




Thankyou for your information. I'm going to see the doctor with the information I received from blood results.see what he has to say. Thanks wayne


Good luck with that 😏 Your average GP won't have a clue about nutrients and the requirements for thyroid patients. You've already stated being "frustrated with your doctor". And I understand your reluctance to embrace the necessity for us to take the reins after being left hanging by mainstream healthcare. By the time we arrive at this site we are often weak and unable to move forward it seems. If you have the means consider going to the thyroid UK site and click on "contact us". They supply a list of thyroid friendly private docs on request.


I know I need to increase my vitamin d to 2000iu for twelve weeks according to the lab i got my blood test witha then have another test in 12 weeks.

I read Dr peat fields book who recommended low carb diet which is not bad but I'm trieng to lose my iron intake

I don't take any supplements.so I don't know why my iron levels are that high.

I had a look at the article about vitamin d defiency that you mentioned but it doesn't actually say what to do.


Take a look at this post(s) and read the reply. It discusses at how to deal with the Vit D deficiency with the required loading dose. (Again your GP neglected to discuss this with you).



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