One week of 1/2 grain of nature throid

So since taking my nature throid, I've noticed that I do not get dizzy upon staying the way that I did at one point. Also, my eyes aren't as dry and grainy. All other symptoms are still there. Maybe with time and increase in dosage, the depression, anxiety and fatigue will start to go as well. Only been a week so I'm not expecting very much. Im surprised that there's any change with the small starter dose that I've been given. I've experienced these symptoms for about 7 years, so who knows how long they'll take to resolve. I've updated my doctor, and he considered adding t3 to see if that would help with fatigue. What do you all think? Thanks, I hope that everyone's well!

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  • I would not take T3, just increase after 1 month to 1 grain. It takes a longtime to notice the effects of nature-throid. It is better, I think not to mix it with anything else to see the development. Are you supporting your adrenal glands? Hypothyroid medication works when the adrenal glands are supported.

  • Yes I am on adrenal support supplements as well. How long did nature throid take in your experience?

  • Well, as I was given the wrong advice on line, I was taking more and more, and I have been over medicated. Now I have a better (good?) endocrinologist who gives me blood tests every time I reduce the dosage, I hope to get to the right amount. Does that answer your question?

  • Well, before changing (adding or cutting down), I think I give it 2 to 3 weeks. I do not do changes before that.

  • You are only on the "starter" dose, and it's only been 1 week! Adding T3 now is way too premature! The doses are meant to increase with each new round of bloodwork, which is usually every 6-8 weeks. Speaking of which you should post your results here when you get the next round done, and don't neglect the results for folate, B12, ferritin and D3 as they are a necessary part of the equation when treating your thyroid.

  • I wS told went at 2 grains to increase in quarters but it appeared I'd already reached my level at 1.75. The endo was right! So go slowly and ask wuestionso g the way if you need to. Once on your. Ireect dose you will feel good but I can take a little longer for some symptoms to go completely

  • Nature throid contains T3 anyway so increasing your dose will give you more T3. Glad to hear things are improving.

  • You are right, NDT already has T3, and that is why I believe is better. Some people do not convert T4 to T3.

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