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Hi I'm new to the thyroid forum but from what I've read people on here seem to offer better advice then GP's!

My blood results are back "borderline" but I'm struggling to understand??

TSH 2.06miu/L

T4 20.4pmol/L

My red blood cell count & B12 are low & vit D levels are 31nmo/L

Confused! Can anyone offer advice? Do these levels need treating? Is this why I feel so "abnormal" my GP keeps insisting there's nothing wrong & I have anxiety!

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hi do you have ranges for the results please?


Hi ranges say tsh 0.35/4.94

T4 9/18

Vitamin D >75

Red blood cell count 3.23 (4.2/5.4)

B12 243 (187/883)


Have a look at Seaside Susies posts on levels ,a comprehensive one posted as a reply to another post some time after your post.


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