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Secondary Adrenal insufficiency


I am new to this disease.

I have been told I have adrenal insufficiency due to long term use of steroids for another illness, I have had 3 ACTH tests my last test showed a result of 116 although I'm not sure if I have read it right ? I go back to see professor Chatergee but not until the end of Aug. I am at present taking 7 mgs of Prednisolone.

Can anyone tell me if this number [ 116 ] is within range, I can only assume it's OK otherwise I think I would have been contacted ?

I seem to feel a lot better once the Prednisolone kicks in but by bed time I'm tired but can't fall asleep and I feel my heart palpitating


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You haven't included a range so members won't be able to tell whether or not it is within range.

Prednisolone is a steroid and treats adrenal insufficiency (Addisons Disease) amongst other things.



Sorry but these Dr's don't make it easy when trying to read results, since my last post I did google it and came up with a range of 100 to 400 but I assume results can differ from area to area ? so if I have a range of 116 I must just be within borderline range, if so maybe I have answered my own question ?

I have been taking steroids [ prednisolone ] for 17 years for Giant Cell Arteritis and Polymyalgia Rheumatica, which have given me so many problems, illnesses including Addison's, the irony is that Prednisolone is the treatment for Addison's disease, so looks like I will be taking them for the rest of my life. I see the Endo end of Aug. so will ask more questions then.

I joined this site hoping that others had Addison's, but it seems it's mostly Thyroid.

Thank you for your reply



It's no use picking up any old range on the internet. You need to ask your endo or endo's secretary for the ranges.

Over use of steroids can cause Cushings but your problem is the opposite. Perhaps taking Prednisolone has masked Addison's?

If you type 'Addison's' into the Search Thyroid UK box top right of page it will take you to previous posts from members with Addison's.


Yes I realise that googling isn't the best thing, but I was just curious, so I will just have to wait till I see the Endo, the trouble is, these appointments are so far apart,

I have been told that my Addisons disease has been caused by the long term use of steroids, which have "turned off my adrenals"

However at the moment I am coping on 7mgs, Prednisolone.

Thank you.


I'm so sorry that you are having adrenal issues . NOT FUN !!! But instead of Prednisolone why doesn't your Dr give you DHEA . On Prednisolone many people have a lot of side affects . Omitting sugar and wheat ,dairy is very beneficial . Sleeping is very healing .

Best wishes for fast healing .


I have only just been diagnosed with Adrenal insufficiency and as I was already on prednisolone for other health issues I am to stay on that till I see the Endo again in Aug.

Sadly I know all about Pednisolone and side effect's as I have been on them for 17 years.

Thank you for your best wishes.


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