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Took iodine with my Levo and feel terrible


I was eager to start supplementing my thyroid with vitamins as all blood tests showed either low iron, or vit D or folate,

As I was gaining lots f weight even though exercising and carb cycling, i thought iodine would help.

i feel awful now, i have stopped taking them a week ago but have not got any better and really worried, i was only taking them for about 2 weeks but realised i was taking 800ml per day but following recommended dose.

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Iodine used to be used to reduce hyperthyroid levels so taking it has probably lowered your FT4 and FT3 and raised TSH. If you stopped taking it a week ago I should think your thyroid levels will recover in another week or so.

What are your iron, vitD and folate results and ranges and how much are you supplementing?

Hi, when supplementing with iodine you need to follow a protocol with other vitamins and minerals too. There's lots of information here:


Do you have Hashimoto's disease (autoimmune hypothyroidism)? In that case, iodine may make you feel worse. I have never been able to take iodine in any form since being diagnosed with Hashimoto's 17 years ago. After a few days, it makes my throat hurt and I feel less well overall (like I'm coming down with the flu). I read that iodine can worsen the autoimmune attack in patients with Hashimoto's, and that seems to happen to me. I now avoid anything containing iodine. It's even included in some products for adrenal fatigue, so I need to carefully read all labels before using any supplements. It's not always called iodine; sometimes, it's called kelp...

Thanks, yes i definitely felt like Anna sore, throat blocked nose, tired, and i can feel the beginning of recovery now.

thanks for the information, i will be more careful, i just wanted to try and improve my weight, hitting the gym, 3/4 times per week doing classes, carb cycling and not losing weight

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