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Buying from abroad

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Just a quick question .

Is it legal to buy T3 from abroad ?

I have been told that as it is a controlled drug I could get into very serious trouble !

Any advice gratefully received .

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That depends on the country where you live. To my knowledge, T3 is not a controlled substance, but a prescription drug in many countries. In many countries, it's illegal to import prescription drugs without a valid prescription. So it all depends on where you live.

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Chungy in reply to

Thankyou for your quick response Anna .

I live in the UK so where does that leave me ?


T3 is not a controlled drug in the UK. You are allowed to import T3 and other non-controlled medication for your personal use or for the use of those in your household.

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Chungy in reply to Clutter

Many thanks for your quick response .

So if you were buying to sell to others ( not that I am !!!) then that would be illegal ?

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Clutter in reply to Chungy


It is illegal to sell prescription meds in the UK so yes, buying T3 abroad to sell in the UK is illegal.

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EbonyEvans in reply to Clutter

Clutter can I ask if you know how many is the maximum to post back to the UK - HMRC are giving me the run around. My best friend doesn't live in my household so trying to get enough for her and myself but wanted to stay within the legal limit.

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Clutter in reply to EbonyEvans


There is no limit to how much you can bring back for your personal use and that of your household. If HMRC thought you were bringing in an excessive amount they might need you to prove it is for your own use and not to sell on.

Bringing enough to last you 3 months is unlikely to be seen as excessive. Having said that HMRC isn't going to know what dose you take is it?

Unless your friend lives with you she is not a part of your household.

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EbonyEvans in reply to Clutter


Thank you I'm aware of that (not in my household) but I was asking regarding posting it back to her. If I find any on any trips I might post it back to myself and bring a year's worth (ones sourced today have 2020 expiration date). I'm thinking ahead in case this doesn't <-> crisis get resolved for months.

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helvellaAdministrator in reply to EbonyEvans

Remember that you need to check out the laws of the country you are buying in and sending from. You cannot assume that just because it is available without prescription, it is legal to post it abroad (i.e. to the UK).

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EbonyEvans in reply to helvella

I am aware of that. I'm not assuming anything hence the questions. Maybe I'm not being clear in my questions.

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Chungy in reply to Clutter

Thank you for clarifying .

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Chungy in reply to Chungy

Than you for clarifying 😀

Hi. I live in Australia and I'm not sure what our name is for T3 medication here, but if you can get a script for it, what would be the problem ( for example) with sending me your script, I fill it and send it back. Would this be legal?

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helvellaAdministrator in reply to Zander01

I do not know if it is still the case, but T3 in Australia used to be branded Tertroxin. And was made and supplied by the same company as the UK product. Regardless of branding, it will be known as Liothyronine.

Each country has its own laws, rules and regulations on whether they recognise prescriptions from other countries. Further, each country might or might not allow someone to post prescription medicines abroad. It is necessary to check what applies in each case - Australia may be very different to the UK.

(Sometimes supra-national rules apply as in the EU where prescriptions are transferable across borders.)

However, I suspect that the original poster does not have a prescription.

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Chungy in reply to Zander01

Really kind of you to offer .

But that's the problem , my GP will no longer prescribe it for me so I will have to purchase from countries that issue without a scipt.

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Zander01 in reply to Chungy

Can I just ask a silly question? Why does everyone over there have trouble getting their GP's to prescribe these meds? Also, why do you have to pay for some of your own pathology testing?

It is legal in the Uk to import medicines (including T3) for your own use. It is not classified as a drug in the same way as, say, cannabis, heroin or DHEA, which are all illegal to import. That is not true in every country.

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