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switching from any brand of NDT to Thyro Gold


Just out of curiosity: those of you having switched from any brand of porcine NDT to Thyro Gold, did you notice any difference in strength; that is, did you need to take more or less of the Thyro Gold, or was there no change at all? I am asking as Thyro Gold seems to contain few fillers and no cellulose, whereas several brands of porcine NDT (both prescription and OTC) contain cellulose. Cellulose is said to bind thyroid hormone and impair its absorption, which seems to suggest to me that you would need to take less of a drug without cellulose...just trying to gather as much info as possible as I am currently considering giving Thyro Gold a try.

To put it bluntly: those of you having tried both porcine NDT and Thyro Gold, did you find that Thyro Gold was just as good as porcine NDT, better, or not as good, but preferable to T4 only anyway...?

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I'm sorry you've had no replies. You will probably have to try ThyroGold for yourself to see how it compares with porcine NDT.

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