Hashi attack & the dog died

Yes it's true the dog died a week ago. A great dog we've had for nearly 12 years from a puppy. The loss was sudden & heartbreaking for me & the family. On top of this we found out a close family member has cancer. Then my mother rang (about the dog) I hadn't told her as she's one of those people who knows it all or knows someone who has got worse & she never listens. So I sit for an hour listening to problems of people I don't know & get nowhere when she asks how I am! Pft!!! I can't turn to hubby as he's had to go away for work. I'm now not in a good place, I'm tired and too hot! I went shopping today & forgot my glasses, so had to come back home, then I left again without the parcels I should have been taking to the post office. When I finally got back home the house felt too empty & I felt completely drained. I spend the evening alone as my son went out with friends ( something I encourage as he's really upset about the dog) So I go to bed early ( exhaustion is my friend) I don't sleep, I toss and turn, half doze but no real sleep, I have what feels like mutant butterflies in my stomach, and a boulder in my throat, whilst my head pounds & my body shakes. So I'm sitting here at 1/2 past5 with my holy basil tea, trying to calm my mind & body. I know it will pass, but I hate how it affects my whole being.

I hope today will be better? Thanks for listening friends & stay well


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I'm really sorry you're having a bad time right now. Losing a pet is one of the worst things. (Having a mother who knows it all is pretty bad too!) Bo good to your self and take care - just know that lots of people here are with you. Love and hugs.

sending you love whilst you journey through the emptiness of loss xxx

So sorry for your loss. x

I am so sorry that your dear dog has died but he is now at rainbow bridge fit and well again, I know the sensations you mention very well and as you say they will go in time as time is the only healer, there really are no words at this sad time, I cant ease your pain, this is the price we pay for love. I am thinking of you, please take time to grieve or the pain will eat away at you, πŸ’

I am so sorry for your loss and can relate totally to your suffering. Be kind to yourself, cry when you need to and don't try to put a time frame to feeling better. Yes it will get easier as time passes but that time is different for each of us. X

Sorry for your loss, terrible to lose a dog. Take time to grieve and heal.

Sending hugs x

You really are having a terrible time. It's so hard when you lose a pet. I had to take 3 weeks out of life after my dog died. GP signed me off. Had the "it's only a dog" from manager at the time..

I had a mother who sounds like yours, but for the last few years no longer talks at me. The freedom is great

I am just getting over a Hashi flare. The fatigue/insomnia is a brain masher πŸ€•

Look after yourself.

J x

Sorry for your loss. I have a 15 year old beardie and every now and then even the thought of the time when we no longer have him sends me into floods. It's not just a pet, it's a member of the family and sometimes for us with hashis our only comfort is a cuddle with someone who won't judge. Feel for you so much xxx

My family have always grieved over our animals - dogs, cats, hamster - so, so sad to lose a best friend that loved you unconditionally.

Your Mum is probably like my Mum / Mother in law - it takes them so long to twig that way more life-changing stuff is happening in our lives than theirs. It's not their fault that they're living in a bubble - it's how they keep going and it's very important that we don't take it personally. I used to get so wound up by their insensitivity and upside-down priorities, but now I realise that they're just frustrated by the fact that they're not really in control.

Sorry Rennixon I have just seen your post I can't add anything to what's been said except to say that as someone who has also lost pets and family the most recent our 14 years old collie to cancer in January a brother to cancer in February and a uncle and 2 aunts this year well you get the picture I turn always to my friend the holy spirit for comfort when there's none anywhere else and he never lets me down.sending love and hugs hope you find peace xx

So sorry, words are empty when you lose a close friend ......I always say gone to doggy heaven in the sky where they play , sleep , eat .

One day at a time...My friend

Special hugs to you

I am so sorry for you. My dogs are absolutely everything to me. They are my only 'constant' in life right now (well....they always have been actually). You need to find someone near you, who understands the grief you are going through and who will listen to you so that you can express your pain.

OR......... go somewhere really remote (like into the woods or down at the river or in a field) and then let it all out!

Once you are able to express your grief....the healing process can begin...and you'll be able to focus more on how much pleasure and fun and friendship you shared....hopefully then, the grief will be less as you smile at your memories. (it works for me). Best wishes.

That's a rough week, I think losing a pet causes a lot of pain. We've said goodbye to two treasured dogs in the past, neither was easy and now we have a dog for whom we may have to make the decision. It was nearly last week but somehow he's found the will to carry on. I know exactly where you're at, it's entirely normal to feel as you do and really, no one can help with the stress and unhappiness you just have to work through it and you will. Don't feel alone, just take each day as it happens, be kind to yourself, remember your pooch for the great family pet he obviously was and be pleased that you gave him a good life. As for mothers, they come in all shapes and sizes don't they and we don't get to choose, we either have to rub along as best we can or if we're lucky we get a good one. You're an adult, you don't have to be affected by your mother, talk to her on your terms πŸ˜‰ and cut her short if you're not enjoying it. Give your son a big hug too, if he loved your dog then he's a great lad.

Very sorry for your loss. X

Hugs and empathy is all I can send, so sorry for your loss I know how hard it is when a beloved family member dies. After our first dog Sam passed I said never again, couldn't take the pain of losing and it was over a year before we got another... then another. Both of them have gone too and each loss floors me but cannot imagine life without my hairy friends to keep me living, at times its only because they need me I keep on living. We have four now.


Linda x

So sorry to hear of your loss, there are people in this,world who just don't understand how bad it feels when you loose your beloved pet, you just have to feel sorry for them as they obviously have never had the love and devotion that a beautiful pet can give you. Just give yourself time to grieve as time is the healer, you never forget your beautiful dog but in time you'll be able to smile at the beautiful memories you made together. Be kind to yourself do something nice that you enjoy doing.

So sorry for your loss and you can always talk to us 😊 x

Oh im so very sorry. My heart goes out to you <3

Hello Rennixon ..and please feel my sympathy for the loss of your beloved dog . .to love a dog , I believe is a very different kind of love ... unlike people they do not speak .. and so they show their love to you in so many other ways .. they love us unconditionally and bear no grudges ...

the love that you gave to him ... is still within you .. divert it now to someone else .. your husband or your son πŸ’™πŸ’™

Your Hashimotos flare I'm sure is like having Graves' disease .. and I also can associate with that

I am now Euthyroid after Graves and I remember only too well that I was in an absolute spin ! I thought I was going insane and with a Dr. who did not know what Thyroid disease was but would only offer me RAI OR SURGERY .

.... and so I self medicate .. with supplements .. and while I know we all suffer in different ways I can assure you I was suffering severely .. ... I now feel great and have pretty much no symptoms of Graves ..

I took a mixture of bugleweed , motherwort and lemon Balm for the anxiety and it works !!

I bought them in tincture form and mixed them in equal proportions into a larger brown glass bottle .. and when the anxiety rises ... take 2 or 3 teaspoons And you will feel the calm... if 3 or 4 spoonsful are better .. take that .... you can do this during the day and night to give you calmness.

Magnesium at bedtime is very helpful with sleep I take M Glycinate which I tolerate well




Are only a few of many others that would help ... please Goigke each of them to see how they are associated to Thyroid disease and to see HOW they will help you .

Find sweet things to do and enjoy

A little gardening maybe ...Make the effort to relax and talk to your son ... not about your condition , as he will never truly understand it . .. drink lots of water ... lie down to rest .... listen to your favorite music and sing to it .. all those things can help you

Be strong and be brave it's a Hellish thing to have ... but you can do it .. don't give in .. because good health is there ... and if you know how to find it ... it Yours ..

I wish you Love πŸ¦‹

Luv mx🌹

Aw poor you, I can imagine how devastated you are about your dog. When my first cat died I cried for weeks in fact it probably sounds awful but I've had very close relatives who died and yet I felt worse about my cat and it wasn't even my cat, it was my son's then he went off to uni and I looked after the cat, I was shocked at how devastated I felt.

If you think about it, pets are with you for such a long time, they are part of the family, they are always there to welcome you or cheer you up if you feel down, they never argue with you or get huffy and stroppy and even if your pet has the odd bad habit, kids and husbands bad habits always seem to more annoying than those of pets. So be sad, it's understandable and if people don't get it then it's their loss that they haven't had a wonderful pet to feel like that about.

So very sad to hear you have lost your dear companion. I do hope that you will be able to remember all the good times you've had with your dog, and it will ease the pain of his loss just a little. It is the terrible emptiness of the house that makes it so hard. I used to imagine I heard my dog whining to go out or come in from the garden. Many times I even went to the back door to let him in.

My memories of happy times and photos of him from a tiny pup to an elderly dog with my boys helped get me through.

Take care of yourself. xx

Awwww Rennixon......wish I could give you the biggest hug ever, what a dreadful time for you......wishing you happier times xxx

So sorry about your loss .been there got many teashirts.lost my 2 lovely dogs last year within 5 months of each other still sad and missing them.animal lovers are special people. Take care love x

Hi Rennixon,

I totally know how you are feeling. My lovely Meggie, who would have been 14 next week, died last Thursday very suddenly. I had severe migraines immediately and headaches since. I also haven't been sleeping well - tossing and turning all night. It's so quiet in the house now. No Meggie to greet me when I come home from shopping; no Meggie jumping around for a biscuit......

Shock causes problems for our adrenals and our thyroid. I've been doing breathing exercises and watching TV to take my mind off things. It will pass, I know. Thank goodness for my job which needs a lot of concentration at the moment and I can get in the zone and forget everything but work.

Look after yourself.

Oh no! I'm so sorry- the emptiness & quiet are the worst things. I wish you well & hope you're coping better than I physically. Mentally...well that's gonna take us time. Sending back hugs x

I actually haven't wrote or read anything for ages but you've struck a cord with me Its shit abs awful You feel ill to begin with well fragile and trying to be positive is exhausting then your precious dog who by anybody's standards is like family. I too just adore my pooch! I actually get panic attacks saying out loud "he's 8 and cavs tend to get heart problems around 10" Promise me just relax take a day to just get your breathe back Have s nice bath anything to do with sitting for the day Watch some mindless daytime tv, And unsympathetic people don't help My relations must think lm cruising the Med coz I've heard nothing for weeks now but then again been to hospital every week for last month I know its cliche but you've got my vote this week for just getting through I'm sorry about your dog its ok to be upset and don't get me started on family Im sending you a ton of good wished Look after yourself, Try to have a quite w/e. Xxxxxx

*hugs* So sorry to hear about the loss of your dog, and generally awful week. :( I lost 2 much-loved cats within 6 months of each other (14.5 and 16 yrs old) and it was a very sad and empty time, then I was diagnosed with Hashi's. The passage of time will dampen the pain a little but all you can do is take one day at a time and allow yourself the time to grieve. Be kind to yourself - we're all here if you need to talk.

So so sorry to hear that your dear dog has died, its so gut wrenching. Along with all your other problems on top. I have had a horrendous time for 6 months, Mum with dementia then she had a pacemaker fitted and has really gone downhill, I am fighting repossession whilst trying to start up a business, caring for my Mum, husband walked out leaving me with money problems, I am left paying for my Mum's food etc all the time I have my own money problems etc etc. But I take supplements which really help with my stress symptoms, I take good B vitamins and make sure I take a good magnesium supplement morning and early evening and I find that Ashwagandha helps me with stress symptoms. Green tea and camomile and I buy a de-stress tea. I suggest you go to a herbalist who can give you something suited to you for your stress. I have heard about stress dosing but do some research on it. A good mindfulness walk and I put a drop of lavender on my pillow. My siamese cat was killed a week ago on the road, I can't stop thinking about him now, its so sad. Good luck with all your problems x

What a sad time for you, please read all of the heartfelt replies, they are comforting I am sure. I have four dogs, have always had lots of animals and still get upset, years after they have gone. It will take time, treat yourself to me time hugs and xxxx

So sorry for your loss. Our dog old Jay was pts last Saturday and I feel for you knowing how bad it is. Do hang in there and note how many of us are thinking of you and wishing you well. Good luck sorting your health - it's all about finding the right specialist to give you the right meds but you may have to fight for that. x

People do not always understand the enormity of losing a pet. Because they are not just a pet but a friend. Hope you will soon be feeling better.

Sorry for your loss, wish you better x

😳 you are my twin. my prayers go out to you. ..,, this disease is so awful no one understands, unless they have it 😞

So sorry about your dog and your friend's diagnosis. My dogs are like my kids and I dread the day anything happens to them πŸ˜– I sympathise totally with how stress makes you feel, it has the same effect on me and it's awful. There's nothing I can say to make you feel better right now I know but take heart in knowing you gave your dog lots of love which is all they ask of us and the stress you're feeling won't last. Take it easy, we are all here if you need us xxx

Aww I'm so sorry, pets keep us sane, when the world is up creek

I can't sleep in this weather so if ur awake post and when I see I'll reply

Your mother sounds so much like mine was. So sorry about your dog. Hugs!

Yes mine too, needs all my concentration to follow her

Hi all and thank you for all your heartwarming hugs,wishes and understanding. it really does help!! having people around who understand me and the pain im going through physically and mentally really does help x

i never expected his loss the affect me so badly, but it has. our 'charlie' was a great dog, he made our great little family complete. he made us laugh every day! he was always there to comfort you & greet you when you came home. he lived for his walks and his tail never stopped wagging until he returned home, ready for a drink, treat or dinner. i miss the routine as well as the company. I miss the silliness of him the noise and even the smells (:) some weren't so pleasant). ive had to move the furniture so that there isnt a gaping hole where his bed should be...boy was that a real low - moving the bed out.

i recommend reaching out to you wonderful people when needed. im not one for sharing my feelings but it was so cathartic to put down a little of what i was feeling this morning. after reading just a few of the great supportive and sympathetic replies i was able to have a little weep and then sleep.

I also recommend making a memory box my son and i went through all our photos we had of charlie (my new profile picture is just one), ordered some and have made a box with toys, little memories and photos - your kindness will go in too.

im now going to take time out from the few stresses i have in life, something i should have done a week ago, but we live and learn.

thank you again for your continued (as I'm writing i can see more coming in) outpouring of love and kindness, this is truly a great community!


I remember the emptiness when my dog died. It took ages to become accustomed to her not being around and I missed her terribly. My condolences. xxx

Rennixon thinling of you and wishing youfeeking better soon remember the good times with your dog and stay strong big hugs :)

Dear Rennixon my toughs are with you at this sad and difficult time. Kram

Hello,,,,my sympathies for your loss and the grief of your precious dog,,,,all I can say is sit with a calming but comforting hot drink,,,hot chocolate or cocoa and just rest,,,have special snacks and be calm,,and don't listen to people who go on and on,,,,remember the special times with your dog,,,,and send a note to the friend who has had th frightening diagnosis,,, and then see her when you are ready,,,there is a dog shaped hole in your home,,,my tears are falling for you,,,,rest well,,,ttfn from karen.

I am so sorry you are suffering because of the loss of your dog. All pet lovers understand what you are going through, it's a terrible bereavement. Don't be too frustrated about being inefficient, sleepless, or forgetful, that's normal after a shock and when your mind is sunk in misery. I also had a mother who would bombard me with all the info on people I didn't even know, and not listen to me or respect anything I had to say. That is very tough to take and hurtful too, especially at a time like this, with the horrible family news. Be kind and loving to your son and to yourself as much as you can. xxx

So sorry about your doggie - they leave such a big hole when the leave us but what joy they bring us in their short lives ❀️

I empathise with you Rennixon. It is not a good place you are in right now. Just know it will get better and I am thinking of you. I understand there is nothing I can say will make things better, just that it will happen. I have been there and am coming out the other side. xx

Get some earplugs, or a recording of the front doorbell, then you can escape with grace.

So sorry about your dog-it's like losing a member of the family isn't it :-( Hope you feel better soon x

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