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Hashi attack & the dog died -UPDATE

Wowzers thanks all of you, I posted this on my original thread but not sure how many saw it & I feel I need to make it known how wonderful you all are. Your support has really been the best boost anyone could receive, thank you all from the bottom of my heart ❤️

Hi all and thank you for all your heartwarming hugs,wishes and understanding. it really does help!! having people around who understand me and the pain im going through physically and mentally really does help x

i never expected his loss the affect me so badly, but it has. our 'charlie' was a great dog, he made our great little family complete. he made us laugh every day! he was always there to comfort you & greet you when you came home. he lived for his walks and his tail never stopped wagging until he returned home, ready for a drink, treat or dinner. i miss the routine as well as the company. I miss the silliness of him the noise and even the smells (:) some weren't so pleasant). ive had to move the furniture so that there isnt a gaping hole where his bed should be...boy was that a real low - moving the bed out.

i recommend reaching out to you wonderful people when needed. im not one for sharing my feelings but it was so cathartic to put down a little of what i was feeling this morning. after reading just a few of the great supportive and sympathetic replies i was able to have a little weep and then sleep.

I also recommend making a memory box my son and i went through all our photos we had of charlie (my new profile picture is just one), ordered some and have made a box with toys, little memories and photos - your kindness will go in too.

im now going to take time out from the few stresses i have in life, something i should have done a week ago, but we live and learn.

thank you again for your continued (as I'm writing i can see more coming in) outpouring of love and kindness, this is truly a great community!


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Oh, I'm so sorry I missed your other post :(

You have my deepest sympathy, as an animal lover, dogs in particular, and having lost a few over the years, I know the heartache so well. I currently have a 7 year old little dog and she is my world as it's just me, her and the cat now.

What a lovely picture of Charlie. May you soon be in a happier place where beautiful memories of your time with Charlie will make you smile again.

(((Hugs))) xx


Pleased you're feeling more positive, the memory box is a great idea :-) I still miss all of our pets who have passed, some more than 30 years ago. My 10 year old son commented last night whilst watching Supervet, 'it's funny isn't it what we do for our pets? A totally different species that we bring into our homes that end up being one of the family' and it's true, we invite these funny furry creatures into our homes and they fast work their way into our hearts. I would do more for my pets than I would most humans ;-) xxx



I didn't comment on your other post but I am terribly sorry for your loss. It's so awful when we lose a beloved pet. I'm dreading my dogs becoming ill and frail and leaving me.


Rennixon I didn't see your other post but want to say how much my heart goes out to you. I still miss my cats more than I ever expected (actually I started crying typing this) and I can imagine how you're feeling right now. A memory box is a wonderful idea and I'm also putting together a photo album to have printed by Bob Books. Pets are such a huge part of our lives and leave such a gap when they depart. I'm so thankful for the love and fun mine gave me :) Hugs to you and may you have wonderful memories.

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Rennixon I didn't see you other post either but my heart goes out to you. I just lost my 13 year old cocker spaniel Angel. She really was an angel. She was the best lap buddy I ever had, a great companion and I miss her terribly. The memory box is a great idea. Hugs


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