Confused by my GP re Hashi

Been back to see my GP and she has said that even though my TPO antibody was positive ( >1000) that doesn't mean I have Hashimotos. This is because I have Crohn's which is also autoimune, and I shouldn't blame everything on my thyroid. This really threw me, my Crohn's has been good for a few years now, and I am not on any treatment.

I said about going gluten free and she had not heard of it. She couldn't understand why I want T3 or any other tests privately. I explained I want a base level of all of my thyroid health so I know where I am at now. It was difficult, frustrating & I cried.

I understand my results will show that I need to increase but at least I have a good indication of where I'm at. Maybe I am just being over anxious about it all.

I explained I haven't felt well since increasing, glands up etc and she agreed with that, and that is what happened last time I increased I had to go back down. Now I am aware I know my vit D is low so that's not helping but I am trying so hard to help myself.

Anyway I think she thinks I am loopy.

Thanks for listening rant over.

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Silly woman! They're not the same antibodies! Every autoimmune disease has its own antibodies. So, if your TPO and/or Tg antibodies are raised, you have Hashi's. Honestly, how do they get their degrees?!?

Yes, it is worth trying gluten-free. Not many doctors know anything about that - or anything else concerning nutrition, come to that! So, just do your own thing - you won't get any help from her. And, not many GPs know anything about T3, either. They just don't learn about it during their half day on the endocrine system. So, I suppose we have to forgive them. Grudgingly. lol

So, if you're having difficulty increasing, it could well be something to do with low vit D3. But buy your own to supplement. Your doctor would prescribe a low dose of the wrong type of D, which wouldn't help you at all. You also need your B12, folate and ferritin tested, too. Because they are also important for your body to use the hormone you give it.

Sounds as if you're not converting very well, so it would be a very good idea to get your own tests done. You need FT4 and FT3 done at the same time, to see how well your converting. :)

Thank you for that info - when (& if) I go back I will have great delight in telling her, but I will go armed with written info. I will get the test done & post it here where I get good honest advice. I had to see her because they had lost my original results so I took in my copy (says it all) because she doubted that I had a positive result. Everything that's going on, puffy face, temp, all down to something else! Bless you for taking the time and thank you x

You're welcome. :) And good luck next time you see her. Enjoy your moment! lol


Your GP is woefully ignorant if she imagines all autoimmune disease results in elevated thyroid peroxidase antibodies (TPOab). The clue is that thyroid peroxidase is only produced by the thyroid, no where else in the body, so antibodies to TPO are caused by autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's), more commonly called chronic thyroiditis by UK doctors.

You don't need your GP's approval to try gluten-free. 100% gluten-free diet may improve Hashi symptoms and reduce antibodies and many Crohn's patients adopt 100% gluten-free because of it's benefits.

How low is your vitamin D and what thyroid tests has your GP agree to do?


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

Thank you for that info - honestly I thought I was going mad. The GP agreed to redo the antibodies test only (which I thought strange as she was saying it was unimportant and I haven't got Hashi.) I said I am going for the private test because I can get it all done (vit d and T3) and I can have some control. So she's not bothering which is ok. I will try the Gluten Free. My vit d a few months back was 40 at 12 weeks ago, and I have been supplementing as you instructed. Anyway this new test will see where I'm at hopefully on the up. Thank you for helping.

It's not you who's mad's them x Please take Vitamin K2 Mk7 with any vitamin D3 or calcium. This will stop these vitamins going into your blood stream and not in your bones ( I have the T shirt ). Magnesium is also good but avoid the one with Oxide in, it's rubbish.

greygoose is brilliant for sound advice, my health is improving thanks to her and others on this forum.. xx

Thanks Mango, I have vit K2 mk 7 and the high potency d3 winging it's way to me. Glad it's not me that's going mad - so good to know. So greatful to everyone xx. I will also check out the magnesium. Xxx

My pleasure. There is lots of info on the forum regarding the types of Magnesium and what they help with. I have started using Solgar Magnesium Citrate thanks to recommendation by NatChap (thank you NatChap x).It is really helping with the constipation. Best Wishes to you x

Glad it's helping :-)

Even my gall bladder is calmer! xxx

Excellent :-D

We share it all on this forum lol x

Hahaha I'm used to it..I work as a carer and a nanny and things like poo (consistency, colour etc..) are a regular topic of conversation :-D

Lol, me too in my working days. x

Thank you - very grateful for the advice xxx

Thank you for your advice - I just wish I had never even bothered talking to her about it, complete waste of time. Glad you got some good advice too, and I hope you are feeling better. I have ordered some extra strong vit D to help so one day soon I will be a new woman! Lol! Xxx

Amen to that DollyDuck ..I'll second that x

Not surprised you ended up in tears, it can be like banging your head on a brick wall with some doctors! You've had some good advice on here and I hope things will improve for you from now on.

Thank you x

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