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1st blood test after 14 months on NDT


Hi all.

I had a blood test last week because my doc says to keep having them annually, he knows I'm on NDT. I got a phone call from the surgery this morning to say that the test is showing I'm 'over-medicating' and I need to see the doc regarding lowering my dose - of course she things I'm on levo.

I'm seeing a different doc as mine is on holiday but what can I expect from the results? How can I explain how NDT works differently? BTW I'm 67, been on Levo since the age of about 47 and had a partial thyroidectomy at the age of 27 (that op never seems to come up in conversations with the doc and I'm sure it must make a difference?)

Thanks in advance for any useful info - I go on Friday afternoon :)

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If it were me, I wouldn't have made the appointment - or, if I'd made it, I would cancel it the next day. I would just have said, yeah, yeah, yeah, and left it. You can't explain to them because they don't want to know. You're only going to get yourself into a complicated situation, which will be very bad for your blood pressure!

Cancel and if necessary say you will see your regular GP when back from holiday.

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