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Should I take Naturethroid after 34 years on Levothyroxine

I have been seeing an endo privately after being diagnosed with atrial fibrillation and being told I couldnt see an NHS endo because my t4 blood test was fine after the docs reduced my levo from 100mcg to 75mcg because they said it was the levo causing the afib. I felt really ill which is why I went to a private endo, she tried to raise the dosage of Levo but I started having sharp pains in my head not all the while but when they came they where very sharp and like electric shocks so I stopped the increased dose which was 25mcg three times a week on alternate days and went back to 75mcg and they stopped, the endo has ordered loads of blood tests and said I should start on Naturethroid instead. I am very worried about this as I am 73 and have been on Levo for 34 years and wonder if I would tolerate the change. I have lots of autoimmune issues besides having had RAI for Graves Disease in 1981, I have vitiligo, lichen sclerosus, very low cortisol, eye problems related to the Graves, the atrial fibrillation which come and goes so I am very dubious about changing to natural thyroid hormone. Sorry to dump this lot on everyone but wondered if anyone else has made the change after such a long time on Levo ( which I have never felt well on, same as others) especially at my age, would really appreciate some input or someone elses experience with a similar scenario

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Before anyone can really give advice, we would really need to see any recent test results. It could be that you have just been under-medicated all along. However, from another point of view, if she is offering you the chance to try NDT, then why not grab it, you never know it might really help. Just be sure to take it slowly with raises.


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