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Blood test results help


I've been referred to an endocrinologist by my gp & am waiting for first appointment. Had more blood tests & got results today, shows vitamin d is deficient but cortisol seems low-ish and also b-oestradial seems high?? Don't really understand these results & wondered if anyone could help.

I suspected I have hashimotos as also have high antibodies & TSH on the high side, shown on previous tests.

Considering going gluten free & have just got some vit d & selenium tablets, any other suggestions to help while wait to see consultant? Not on any meds as yet. Thanks

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Hi there

I have not the foggiest in regards to B-oestradial so cannot help there but yes does indicate over range.

Yes you could do with a bit more Vit D :-)

In regards to cortisol - what time of day did you do the test?

In regards to FSH and LH, Both of these depend on when you were in your cycle. FSH is fine anyway and LH can be at this level at certain times of cycle. As to how these are read together or any relation to oestradial, I'm not sure lol???

Most of rest seems okay to me.

Harko1980 in reply to Saggyuk

Thanks, test was done first thing in the morning at 8.45

Saggyuk in reply to Harko1980

Well it's still in range but cortisol is supposed to be highest in the morning and then drop down throughout the day. If you had said that they were in the afternoon, I would have been able to say seems fine but I don't know enough to know whether that level is okay to begin with in the morning? Others will have to help you there.

Your Vitamin D result has the comment - insufficiency. You should have been prescribed a daily maintenance dose of at least 800 IU Vitamin D by your GP. Look up the NICE guidelines for the treatment of Vitamin D insufficiency.

I would be asking the Endocrinologist to arrange for a Short Synacthen Test to check your Adrenal function. Look at the comment under the Cortisol result - under SPECIALISED CHEMICAL REVIEW NEEDED it reads Yes. Have you been retested yet. Your Adrenals may need attention before you start on Levothyroxine.

About the first HIGH result - look at the comment. It reads that a false negative may arise for patents on Faslodex. If that doesn't apply to you, then query this.

You can contact the Endocrinologist via his Secretary and say that you need to be seen in clinic asap. Say you are not at all well and need your symptoms addressing and need to query your tests results so far. OR send Endo a letter.

When you see Endo have a written list of all your symptoms with you and a list of questions/requests and keep calm. Hopefully you will see a different Doctor. If possible take someone with you.

Also - ask your GP to test your Vitamin B12 and Folate; also Ferritin.

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