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Generations of hashimotos

Hi there,

I am approaching the age where I am wanting to start a family. I myself was diagnosed with hashimotos 5 years ago.

Around about the same time, my family started getting tested, as many of my aunties and cousins had similar symptoms to me.

It now turns out that my grandmother, mother, all 5 aunties and all their daughters have now been diagnosed with hashimotos. Needless to say- it runs strong in our family.

I am scared to continue passing this on into the next generation. I know it's probably impossible, but has anyone heard of ways to reduce the likelihood??

It's been horrible to see so many of my family suffer through this.

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I did heavily consider that myself to be honest and used to wrestle with it hugely, but ended up pregnant accidentally anyway lol. It's a hard one isn't it. I can say, I don't think I would ever do it differently if given the chance. She means too much to me. Maybe ask your family members if they would?

It doesn't necessarily mean your child will develop the same problem as might depend on dad's genes too. What if you end up having a boy and therefore much less likely to have a problem. My friend also hypo with hypo family had two boys and she has always said she thanks the lord that she has had two boys and doesn't have to worry about it so much.

Also, I would add that most people suffer badly because they're being ill-treated by GPs, many who learn all about it and take control and self treat tend to find mass improvements in their health like myself.

There is also the question of what is triggering it! Having the genes doesn't necessarily mean they will trigger and develop, something causes this or environment. There are many people with genes who never present with the actual problem. In my case and a couple of years after having her, it was kind of proven that gluten was the cause of all my issues from the beginning. I test negative for coeliacs but have been diagnosed with NCGS because of the reversal to my health and disorders but this is not a diagnosis they will usually are happy to give. Unfortunately, it was too late for my thyroid as was already dead but if I had gone gluten free years ago, maybe it would still be functioning today?

Maybe if you try and make your health optimal and feel good, you would feel different about it? Have you had Vits looked at, have you resolved stomach issues etc etc. Docs wont ever help you with this stuff, only you can as some of them are horrendously ignorant and just want to pass you anti-depressants. There's lots of info on here about improving your problems.

I now spend my life making sure my little one doesn't go through the same - I make sure she eats perfectly and gets every nutritional requirement, I do everything different to the way I was brought up and make everything optimal. SHe also had symptoms of gluten issues - digestive issues, eczema, asthma, sore knees and so on and she is now gluten free and is okay and has reversed also so I'm hoping that along with all the healthy optimal stuff and her dad's fast metabolism (he's good for something at least lol) is enough to stop her genes from triggering and may have a different outcome. Plus I make sure all slight health worries are dealt with promptly. I don't accept anything until she's back to being a sight of excellent health. I do everything to not trigger those genes lol. You can't half tell the difference as well between her and class mates so it's certainly making a difference. Her hair, her skin, strength/growth, academic tests, her everything screams good optimal health and the only kid in class with 100% attendance rate - while I shove choc down my mouth and smoke myself to death when she's not looking ahem lol!

All I can do is keep my fingers crossed it will work and reassure myself that if the worst case happens, I know everything there is to know about thyroid, associated problems and conditions and how to treat so she should never feel as bad as GPs left me feeling for so many years.

I was always soooo cold as a child, but since she's gone GF, she has never been able to sleep with a blanket, always on top in mid winter, never wears a coat - her temp is so well regulated, that I'm praying this is the indication I've succeeded (along with the perfect non-smelly poops) lol - maybe wishful thinking??

Obviously, there is also the chance that she will on purposefully throw all of it back in my face when she becomes a teenager and shove gluten filled Mcdonalds burgers down her throat every day, drink to excess and live in a nutritional squalor throwing all my hard work down the drain, but that would be her responsibility by then lol.

Sorry I can't give you any real answers but thought I'd blab on as used to be so stuck like you and prob would have decided against it if not for the accident.

Apologies for the essay :-)


Thanks for the reply saggyuk, very kind of you to write your story. I guess I've got some more research ahead of me!

Perhaps I should change my study path into thyroid health haha

Best of luck for your daughter!

Sadly as there are also thyroid conditions on my husbands family's side, I do fear the worst.

I guess I'll hope for boys haha

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Good luck :-)

Also, just in case, if you do decide to go for it, make sure you read the NICE guidelines and british thyroid foundation info/guidelines in regards to pregnancy and thyroid as management during this time is a little different but most GPs are normally completely ignorant as usual and do some very silly things causing misery. You need to know what you need to do like ensuring TSH doesn't go over 2 while trying to conceive and to prevent risk of miscarriage and fetal abnormality (1 or under is optimal for health anyway regardless of pregnancy) and adding 25-50 mcg extra levo at around 6 weeks as baby needs some from you too. You are also supposed to be referred to endo specialist urgently when trying to conceive or pregnant and never managed by GPs themselves - although they also appear to be oblivious to this :-)


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