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What a waste of time 😢

Well I went fully armed to my endo this morning determined to stop the levo I was on .. mentioned NDT he didn't have a clue. Handed him a leaflet from thyroid uk.

He's made another appointment for a different endo ! I hope he has more knowledge.

Has anybody heard of dr Srinivas-shanker ? At arrows park hospital ?

My endo has retired now 😢

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You had good advice in your last post. I think that you need to accept that they are not going to do enough to get you to the stage that you want to be. I would try to keep the T3 prescription and do as was suggested re your dose whether you admit it to them initially or not.

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I've told them I'm not taking the levo and continue with the T 3 see how I feel .. I may lower the dose

Thanks for your reply. I've never heard of the other endo he's suggested I see next 😢

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We have no info either way about Srinivas-Shanker. If you do end up seeing him/her, would appreciate hearing out it went - thanks!




Yes of course will let you know 😊


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