Waste of time

Went to Doctors this morning asked if he would do bloods for Vitamins and b12 said i didnt need them and to stop chasing my blood results as everything was fine from last year ..Then he gave me a form to have B12 done but nothing else ,he took my blood pressure which was 155/85 and asked when i last had an ecg ,so got one booked in with the nurse in 2 weeks .I should have stayed at home for what use he was lol what makes of b12 and vitamins would you suggest to get may energy ..thanks

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  • Oh well done! - I wonder why the reluctance for 'mere' vitamins :)

    - my GP wouldn't even entertain B12 so I went and got a private active test from thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/testin...

    £57 with discount

    Vit D test £28 (NHS lab) here..


    you may notice I go the 'easy' route.... :D

  • Hi sparerib ,i have just ordered jarrows b12 from amazon ,i might write the ferritin ect on endos blood test form (i have done before ) as its one they write on themselves ,the one from the doc was printed ,and i am due in 2 weeks after being on erfra a month

    You may notice i go the "cheap" route lol

    how do you get the smilies

    hugs sue xx

  • Sue, hover your cursor over the smilie and it will show you : - D without the spaces. ;) :x :o :( :p

  • clutter none come up to click on so where do i get them xx

  • Sue, they aren't clickable you have to type : - D etc without the spaces. Hovering over the smilies will tell you what to type.

  • Thanks for that Clutter - it's amazing what you learn on this forum. It took me years to do :)

  • I'm glad you are sorting it sweetie.

    I take 'boost' B12 under-tongue spray (it bypasses stomach issues)

    at 400+ I don't think I need B12 injections.

    Yet I cannot use my numb hands/fingers first thing - since years -

    funny how one adapts.....

    Cheap is'nt always bad :)

    smilies... others have ones provided by their phones, yet I type on an ol' fashioned PC and use colon : and bracket ) to create :)

    or colon : and D to create :D

    there's more but I don't tend to use them... J x

  • omg sparerib i taught myself and can just get by, my laptop is 8years old and often have to get my grandsons here,even the youngest at 7 shows me lol

    hugs sue xx

  • i will try that tomorrow clutter nite ev1 xx

  • I searched for my local pathology services (coventry) for the shortened names for blood tests. my doctor said I could add anything on that I needed, so I did!!!

  • Your GP sounds like an absolute tool. You are entitled to your results under DPA. It is your perogative.

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