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Pituitary adenoma

Wonder if anyone has experience witjh above.

I was dx with pit adenoma , some yrs ago.

Since lost thyroid to cancer, however cant stop wondering if a pituitary addnoma would show TSH level different to one that is' normal '

Cant help but think it would malfunction??

Maybe I will put it to rest with any thoughts from thyroid gurus .

Had symptoms for so long before TT

Thanks for any help

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Sorry, I'm no expert but yes, that can mess with tsh levels but from what I understand, it depends on which type and what hormone they are expressing - some overproduce prolactin for example, some over produce tsh etc which would cause high tsh levels causing the thyroid to produce too much thyroid hormone and therefore become hyperthyroid. However, this should have been determined when investigated initially - some adenomas are non-functioning though and will produce nothing in excess. Although normally involved in over production, if they grow large enough, they could cause pituitary failure which would then decrease hormone levels including tsh which would show as suppressed tsh but is really because of low levels of tsh rather than because you have too much thyroid hormone so would depend on your T4/T3 levels? I think anyway???? If too large, may also start affecting other parts of the brain too such as sight?

However, I truly am not an expert and no experience so just my very uneducated understanding of it as no one else has responded lol as looked into it when prolactinoma was suspected many years back - just have a google, lots of info online.


Thankyou Saggyuk for answering my question.


Hi Gcart, I just heard of this condition recently because a friend has had certain symptoms for Paget's disease but a second opinion was that she had pituitary adenoma. They did a biopsy of the breast and she does not have cancer. The nipple area is sore and leaking but no doctor seems to know what to do. She had an ultrasound a while ago but I'm not sure how they would be sure of the diagnosis for the adenoma. Her TSH has always been too high and they finally raised her dose but I'm sure it is not enough.


Should consider getting pituitary hormones checked, excessive prolactin can cause such symptoms.



Thank you Simon, we are in the U.S. and she's seen two dermatologists, one gynecologist, one osteopath,and a surgeon who did a biopsy about this disorder. No one referred her to an endocrinologist but I think she may finally see one. She does have Hashimoto's and just raised to 75 mcgs. of Levothoxine after many years. I do think that is the basic problem.

From your link I see dopamine has a something to do with this as well.

Thank you.

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Thank you for your relies. It's complicated for sure . X


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