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Because the gp has diagnosed me as mentally ill rather then sorting out my thyroid ive been put on a recovery programme. Unfortunately i cannot make it to some of the meetings due to work.The sort of things they do are crafts gardening and cooking etc. I cant see how this is going to help with my thyroid issues but they had reassured me they would help if they had any concerns about my health. Has anyone else done any-thing like that and did you find it useful?

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  • Joyce59,

    It sounds like that programme is designed for people who may be isolated at home in order to get them socialising out of the house.

    Your thyroid dysfunction is a separate issue and it is important that your GP continues to monitor your thyroid levels to ensure you are optimally medicated.

  • your right there clutter as it appears the people there were as you say isolated, and some with learning difficulties (without sounding judgemental) so i dont think its right for me either. also at 61 years of age i dont feel i need this kind of support as i already go to other craft groups at our local church.

  • Have you had any thyroid blood tests? If so do post them here for comments.

    If your doc is refusing to test you could get private tests done, such as from Blue Horizon - see ThyroidUK website

    then present the results to him - and post them here.

  • Iam trying to get the T3 tested with no luck as every dr and endo ive seen says it makes no differance. also whenever i go back to the gp they just refer me to mental health as they say any symptoms/pains i have are 'all in my head' iam unable to afford private tests and although i have private medical cover they wont pay out if i cant get the gp to agree to tests.

  • Can you see another GP in your practice?

  • weve got six different gps but each backs the other up although the student drs are fairly understanding.

  • Not sure but will ring them and ask.

  • Change GPs,get the blood tests done & post them here.Its time to beat the system to save your health.The docs haven't a clue but think they know it all.We know FAR more than they do,unfortunately through bitter experience & years of mistreatment.

  • Even though hypothyroidism does not equal mental health issues, it does affect your mental health and like how we take care and have concerns about our physical health, we need to take care of our headspace as well. even if you don't end up taking the course, I think it might be good to look at whether you are taking enough time out for yourself to socialise, have hobbies and to take some "me time".

    I've had a lot of issues with depression and even though depression-depression and thyroid-depression doesn't feel the same to me, the psychological (ie not pills) care is similar. CBT, mindfulness, forcing myself to socialise and do things as well as giving time to just chill and have "me time". I use the happify app for cbt (which I think we would all benefit from regardless of whether we are "mentally ill" or not) and obviously yoga, meditation and accepting that I just need A LOT more me time and down time than most "normal" people.

    Perhaps interpreting it as mental self care vs you-be-cray-cray is what I'm trying to say... "Mentally ill" sounds awful and wrong and really, i hope he's just saying he is trying treat you holistically and this is an area of concern (haha, so naive and wishful of me! But let's go with this...)

    Finally, make sure you're well/ optimally medicated. Going from Levo to ndt literally lifted my thyroid-depression overnight and the above self-care is just that much easier when you feel human (because dragging yourself out to meet people already sucks for me ,let alone when I'm feeling dead tired). Everyone on this forum is so helpful, so I'd follow their suggestion- get a blue horizon thyroid panel that offers you a more complete picture and go from there.

    Good luck! And cooking and craft sounds kinda fun if you do decide to do it.

  • As ive just mention to clutter in my reply iam already involved in a few craft groups at our local church centre. The endo i saw last month discharged me after one appointment saying i should forget my thyroid issues and get on with life but the pains in my neck is a constant reminder there are issues. Ive spoken to someone at the hospital where i work whose kindly suggested maybe i should have other tests such as on my heart or maybe some other scans but the gp and endos just wont listen. However all being well ive requested a second opinion and the endo (who is also a researcher) said if i can get a referral letter from the gp hes more then happy to see me.

  • Hi Joyce. You are right to be concerned about the pains in your neck, which would seem to indicate an ultrasound scan, and you are right to ask for your Free T3 to be tested. I wish you luck in persuading your GP to refer you for a second opinion.

    It sounds as if you have plenty to keep you occupied outside working hours, so perhaps you could detail these to your GP. He might be embarrassed about having leapt to conclusions, but many doctors seem immune to embarrassment.

  • Hi joyce59 - one thing you are entitled to are your blood test results from your surgery. So do ask for them and see what was actually tested - post in a new post with their ranges and people will comment.

    What dose of T4 are you taking ? Do you have Hashimotos ? How are your levels of B12 - VitD - Iron - Ferritin - folate ?? Low B12 can present as low mood.

    We really need to see these results with ranges - and apologies if you have already posted them earlier :-)

    Keep posting and asking questions and we will have you well in no time :-)

  • Sadly its one of the largest hospitals in the west midlands. I also work there my-self as a nurse.

  • GMC aren't interested in complaints from patients from my own personal experience, they've not changed since they failed relatives of Harold Shipman's victims.

  • Posted today, really interesting article about depression being caused by thyroid problems. It's a long article, but well worth reading.

  • Before I was diagnosed with a low thyroid I was having CBT and I didn't even need it. Was desperate to live a normal life. So would try anything then 4 sessions in a was diagnosed with a low thyroid. So that was the answer for the depression and personality change. I still have bad days but loads better than was xx

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