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Pituitary failure

Hia all. Just come back from seeing the Thyroid specialist in my local hospital. Dr Rice, he's the lead consultant in Wales.. Got to say he was bloody Lovelly. I was sent to him by my gp, I'm suffering with chronic fatigue etc and I'm on the road to finding out what's wrong with me. From what he said my blood results aren't conclusive with as bad as symptoms are. There could be something wrong with my pituitary gland, so he's sent me for a Mri and full blood count. He said my thyroid blood result is fine but another homone should be much lower than what it is... So he thinks it could be my body not recognising that my thyroid is low and triggering it to produce more thyroxine. On the forms he's put Pituitary failure???? So it's looking like I might not have under active thyroid, it could be something else or fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue syndrome/M.E.

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If your pituitary is failing to produce enough TSH then your thyroid will never be prodded to produce sufficient thyroid hormones for your needs.

So your thyroid might be in perfect working order, it just isn't getting the right signals from the pituitary.

In that case, as far as I know, the only way to get enough thyroid hormone is to take it like someone with a failing thyroid would.

This problem is referred to as secondary hypothyroidism, not CFS or fibromyalgia or ME.


I'm currently on 150 thyroxine. Had a bad turn after exercising in the new year, which left me with total fatigue, and frozen cold. Took me 3-4weeks to recover.


What are your FT3 and ferritin levels, do you know? if these are low you can be wiped out by exercise for the next few days.


Doctor is running all new blood tests. But I assume there all ok.


Yay for decent medics, wish they could be cloned! Glad you seem to have found someone who seems to want to help, good luck x


Ty tiger... Do you know what it could mean???


Humanbean explained what it meant - as far as anyone can tell from what you wrote.


I'm sorry Emz, I am fairly new on here, and with help & advice am now convinced I have Hashimoto's but nhs in England at least works like a snail with blisters, my GP being a completely useless, unconcerned idiot, and two years on from hugely increased symptoms I am now holding my breath waiting for standard neck u/s. There are fantastic people on here, especially admin, who will really help & support you. x Tricia

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Have they mentioned growth hormone ? My pituitary scan showed that mine is only half the size they'd expect in an adult and I was diagnosed with a severe growth hormone deficiency last March which I'm now being treated for. The main things I noticed prior to diagnosis were no energy on waking, very emotional, muscle weakness particularly in my arms, constantly shattered & weepy like you wouldn't believe !! The hospital said that GH deficiency is quite common just as thyroid problems are. There's some useful info on the Pituitary Foundation site if you want to check that,

Good luck,

Cath x


Thank you for your reply cath. They've not told me anything other than what I've written.. Very puzzling.. I've just got to wait for my blood results and next appointment.


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